Environment’s #10YearChallenge Photos Are Bleak

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While we’re all here celebrating the ten year challenge, marveling and how ten years ago we didn’t have like— that one wrinkle or whatever, we have to admit, the world around us has had a rough ten years. And I mean the actual Earth. In between the destruction of the environment and the melting of the ice caps and the countless extinctions which we really should care a lot more about (sorry they didn’t star in a Spielberg movie like the dinosaurs did, you freakish swine nerds), the Earth’s past ten years haven’t exactly seen our favorite planet to breathe air on in the best of shape, and Instagram user @sophfei showed this duality in a heartbreaking post, showing us just how much the Earth has been depleted.

Yikes. Hopefully we can pull it together and turn things around before they get too awful, because if we don’t… well. Who knows just how much land and how inhabitable it’s going to be in the next few years.

I can’t believe people not wanting to stop eating meat murdered the environment. You bunch of buffoons.

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