Face masks are the newest Fashion Staple, here’s where you can get Yours

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Summer is here. But before you break out those bikinis, flip flops, and self-tanner there’s one more accessory you will be needing. A face mask. At least for the foreseeable future, it looks like face masks will be a requirement for leaving your home and staying safe during COVID-19.  

Though it’s not ideal, for safety and the safety of others we might as well embrace this new fashion staple and make the most of it. It’s time to go full Cher Horowitz and match our face masks to our outfits.

Here are a few of the MANY retailers that are making masks fashionable, affordable, and comfortable. If you can’t find the perfect mask in these online retailers there are hundreds of others you can find after a quick google search 


Casetify—Casetify is still making fashionable and fun accessories we love, and they’re masks are no exception. Each mask is sleek, simple, and comes with two filters (that should be disposed of after use). Masks start at $15 and for each mask bought one is donated to a healthcare worker in New York City. 


Reformation — if you are looking for ethical consumption and to make a fashionable statement a mask from Reformation is the move. A pack of 5 face masks will run you $25 



Urban Outfitters — Billie Eilish Stans and VSCO girls look no further than the Urban Outfitters website. They are carrying solid-colored or printed masks in various sizes and patterns, so you will definitely be able to find one to match your Hydro Flask and your personal *aesthetic*. Masks start at $12 or $18 when you buy 2. 

Image courtesy of ShopDisney.com

Alice and Olivia — If whimsical bold colors and florals are more your speed look to Alice and Olivia for your face masks needs. Masks are $10 each and are currently back-ordered for shipment in June. 


Disney — For the young and young at heart Disney has launched their own face mask designs. They are available in packs of four and feature Star Wars, Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses. Masks start at $20 for a pack of 4 and are available for pre-order now. 

Forever 21  — If you’re looking for something that is on the trendier side but won’t cost you an arm and a leg Forever 21 Masks are a reasonable option. Having been recently restocked they are back and better than ever. For every mask bought Forever 21 will be donating a mask to lower-income families to ensure that everyone has the protection that they need. 



Onzie just because your Yoga classes are all in your living room doesn’t mean you shouldn’t match your face mask and your leggings when you go outside. Onzie is offering their new ‘Mindful Mask’, made from upcycled Yoga clothing materials for every mask bought one is donated to a healthcare worker around the US. Mindful masks start at $24 for a pack of 2. 

image courtesy of Anthropologie

Anthropologie– Anthropologie’s mask did not stray far from their brand aesthetic. Their boho- whimsical- chic masks are available now in a variety of sizes and color combinations. Masks start at $18 for a set of 3 


Madewell— Much like Madewell itself their facemasks are simple, clean looking, and as the name suggests made well. Masks are out of stock currently but there is an email list to be notified about a restock. Masks are $20 for a pack of 3 


Hot Topic— Hot Topic is no longer just a haven for middle schoolers, and nerds of all kinds, now they are making face masks with everything from Friends to Billie Eilish. If you’re looking to go more of the pop culture route these are for you. Masks start at $13 


Rent the Runway — If you are looking for some face masks that are going to be there to match your designer dresses look no further than Rent the Runway. A pack of 5 masks is $50 but for every pack of masks bought 5 more are donated to healthcare workers around the country. 


Rag and Bone — For all of those times you want a good quality minimalist look to your face masks, Rag and Bone is the place to go. Masks are $18 for one and $5 of each purchase is donated to City Harvest 

Vera Bradley — If you feel like matching your quilted tote to your mask now is your chance! Masks are currently out of stock but are $8. Additionally, Vera Bradley is selling a two-pack of filters for $10 that fit perfectly into their masks. 

Image courtesy of wetdryvac on Redbubble


Redbubble  If you are looking for a face mask that is completely unique to you while also helping to fund local artists look around Redbubble. Masks start at $12.50 for one and Redbubble is currently offering a discount of 20% off when you buy 4 masks. 


If you’re looking to support some of the smaller businesses who have been out of work because of the pandemic look on Etsy! Hundreds of creators are starting new shops and selling homemade face masks.  Or if you are feeling crafty, make your own. There are videos and tutorials all over the internet. 

The variety and possibility of this summer’s face mask trend are endless. But the most important part of this trend is to remember that it’s not just for fashion but to keep people safe. 

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