Fans Hope For “Fire” Bad Bunny Break Up Album After Cheating Rumors

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During an Instagram Live, Puerto Rican Trap artist Ele A El Dominio claims that Gabriela Berlingeri cheated on boyfriend Bad Bunny with him. The live story accusation has fans torn between sympathy for the Bad Bunny, and excited for music that could come from the scandal. 

Bad Bunny

Singer, rapper and songwriter, Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, also known as Bad Bunny, JUST started to be open about his relationship with jewelry maker Gabriela Berlingeri on social media. If you aren’t a fan of reggaeton or up to date on latin-pop culture in general, you might remember Martínez from Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s halftime show for the 2020 Super Bowl. He initially rose to fame after signing with a record label and collaborating with big names such as Drake and Cardi B in late 2016. His 2018 debut album was awarded a Latin Grammy for “Best Urban Music Album,” and his most recent album,YHLQMDLG, was the highest-charting all Spanish album ever in the US Billboard 200 chart. While he has a thriving reggaeton career, he told Rolling Stone about his dreams to get into the fashion industry as well as maybe one day be the voice actor for a Spanish cartoon character. 

Relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri 

Martínez was first seen publicly with Berlingeri, on February 28th at a Miami Heat game. He admitted to Entertainment Tonight that he’s “in love,” in an interview on March 2nd, but didn’t reveal who had him head over heels. Dating rumors were confirmed a week later when Martínez snuck in a picture with Berlingeri at the end of a photoset on Instagram.

While the announcement of their relationship may have been new to fans, the two have actually been together for three years. They met back in 2017 at a restaurant in Puerto Rico while they were out to separate dinners.


And until now, their relationship seems to be strong! Since debuting her on his Instagram in March, the couple has been posting funny content during quarantine as the two are living together during the pandemic. Berlingeri was even featured on Martínez ‘s EP, Las Que No Iban A Salir, on “En Casita” in April. 

With Martínez’s career taking off and his stable relationship with Berlingeri, it is only natural that his rivals are looking for any way to hurt him…



Ele A El Dominio, also known as Luis Abner Mojica Sierra, clearly has some beef with Martínez. Also being a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer (although he’s also a Latin trap singer) it might be natural that the two have some competition. But recently El Domino has been taking the beef with Bad Bunny too far. In March, he reposted Bad Bunny’s nude backyard photo (taken by Berlingeri) on his Instagram story and teased him. He also posted a pornographic photoshop of the photo with the Hulk to Twitter. Bad Bunny responded on Twitter, subtly calling out his industry peer for being envious. 

The English translation: If envy is ugly…imagine you, you’re ugly and envious


Martínez points out what an ugly look it is to be envious of another’s success. And of course, El Dominio RESPONDED!

English translation: How ugly is a guy who calls another guy ugly

Wow. This almost sounds like the response an eight year old younger brother would make. 

So we already have some established tension between the two men when El Dominio decides to take to Instagram Live to vent frustrations. He makes a few stabs at Martínez’s career, and then and to make matters worse, drags Berlingeri into it! 

Not only does he drag Berlingeri into it…but he does it in a fairly vulgar way. The clip of him speaking about her is seen below.

In case your four years of high school Spanish are failing you right now, basically what he says is, “as ugly as I am, I slept with the women that you are with now, last year.” 

Quite the accusation! Neither Ocasio or Berlingeri have commented on the rumors, but fans certainly have. 

Fans’ Reactions 

It didn’t take long for Bad Bunny fans to comment on the cheating rumors. The couple’s playful relationship has seemed so strong during quarantine, many fans believed their love was pure. A cheating scandal would be devastating those idealizing their relationship.

A lot of people were also shocked at such a “downgrade” Berlingeri was accused of having made by getting with El Dominio. He even admits it himself in his Instagram live that he isn’t that good looking!

And of course loyal fans are upset with Berlingeri. Jokingly threatening to fight her…casual. 

Despite the emotional initial reactions about the cheating rumors, it also didn’t take long to get excited about the possibility of a break up album.

It’s safe to say that fans are getting excited for what could possibly be the “Folklore album” of reggaeton music. Rumors of any previous relationship between Berlingeri and El Dominio, as well as any cheating, has yet to be officially confirmed or denied. We will just have to wait for a break up album to hear the real tea. 

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