FANS OF CUTENESS: Weatherwoman Wears Sleepy Baby For Weather Report

By Alex Firer
Meteorologist Susie Martin wore her sleepy baby son on her back for International Baby Wearing week, and the results were so cute!

Fans of cuteness! I beseech thee! I need thee to come to my aid to witness something so cute, thy shock sensors shall burst from the glory of it all! Friends! Enemies! It is International Baby Wearing Week! The week where we celebrate mothers wearing babies to their various places of employ and other! How did it become international!? Was it a UN hearing that set aside global warming and famine to make a mighty day where people where babies all around the world, in every one of the Earth’s countries? I know not! I am simply a narrator! I only know this! This video of Utah Weatherwoman and Meteorologist Susie Martin giving the weather report with her tiny child in tow is… adorable!

She claims in the video that the baby will help walk us through the snowy Alta, Utah weather, but how could he, for he is a baby and unable to walk! Is this not why he is carried!? Oh my mind, it shatters with the contradictions in the very sentence! And the baby — he– falls asleep during the report!? Why even the Twitter feed of his mother’s employ stated how shocking it be that he fell asleep on the job!

Baby, you watch your tiny little back! This video may be gloriously cute, but obsolescence may come for you yet! For when you are too old to be carried, what be your role in the news media cycle? Is it of hero or villain? Will you take up the role of heroic reporter like your mother, or will you be a problem, like the mighty winds sweeping through the Utah mountains, bringing snow, frost and doom behind them! Choose your fate wisely, boy! For today may be International Baby Wearing Week, but tomorrow might be International Baby Wears New Responsibilities week! Be ready, baby!

But enough about me. What did you think of this adorable video? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.