Fans Upset Liam Payne is Collaborating with Dixie D’amelio On A New Christmas Song

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Although we are less than a week away from the spookiest day of the year, former One Direction member Liam Payne is making the spooky season a bit more jolly with the announcement of his new Christmas single, ‘Naughty List,’ which will be released this Friday, October 30 – the day before Halloween.

Starting on Friday, fans can participate in ‘Naughty List Week’ where fans will be challenged to continually request ‘Naughty List’ to air on the radio as well as ask their favorite TikTokers and YouTubers to react to the song for a chance to win tickets to Payne’s virtual concert.

When Payne announced he was releasing new music, One Direction fans were ecstatic.


However, Payne is not releasing this holiday song alone as TikTok star Dixie D’amelio will be featured on this festive song.

Originally, the news was leaked after some fans noticed that Dixie D’amelio’s name was listed under the song on Apple Music.

After fans went into a frenzy over the rumors, D’amelio confirmed them by duetting Payne on TikTok.

Fans Are Not Excited For This Collab

But many are upset that Payne decided to collaborate with a TikToker rather than a more prominent pop star.


After a preview of the song was released on TikTok, thousands began to use the sound, but mostly fans were using the song to express their negative opinions on Payne collaborating with D’amelio.

This caused people to start comparing Liam Payne to Jason Derulo. You might remember that Derulo rescued his relevancy by associating himself with young TikTokers – which people now think Payne is trying to do too.

Shortly after these comparisons were made, Derulo posted a snippet of his ‘Drop the Mic’ rap battle with Payne on TikTok, but it is unclear if it had anything to do with Payne’s recent announcement.


@liampayne ???????????? bruh!!

♬ original sound – Jason Derulo

However, the root of many fans’ frustrations is that they hoped Payne would reunite with his former bandmates, not a TikToker who is just starting to dip her toes into the music industry.

Others are also commenting on how they think it will be a bit awkward watching a One Direction star and a TikToker sing a romantic and “naughty” song together.

D’amelio Fans Come to Dixie’s Defense

D’amelio may have her haters, but there are some who are coming to D’amelio’s defense as they claim the song sounds good, and it is still their beloved Liam Payne.

Also, many are happy for D’amelio as in the past she has made clear that she is a huge One Direction fan, and this is a dream opportunity for a superfan.

However this is not the first time D’amelio collaborated with a famous artist as Lil Mosey and Blackbear hopped onto the remix of her song ‘Be Happy’ last month – but most watched the music video to see her kiss Noah Beck.

Liam Is Having a Halloween Event

As the popularity of TikTok has grown, Payne has been trying to connect with his fans through being active on TikTok. He has been collaborating with popular TikTokers such as makeup artist Abby Roberts as she helped Payne find his Halloween look.


me and @liampayne had to go off a lil on this one #halloweenlook

♬ Canceled – Larray

Though Payne is releasing a Christmas song, he has not forgotten about Halloween! He is hosting a virtual Halloween concert on October 31 – the day after ‘Naughty List’ is released.


Act 3 of #TheLPShow is here! This Halloween Special is bringing all sorts of surprises and scares ???????????? Tickets are ON SALE NOW, link in bio!

♬ original sound – Liam Payne

This is not the first One Direction news of the week! Harry Styles released the music video to his song ‘Golden’ on Monday.

Although this collaboration is unexpected, both artists are benefiting from this song, despite what many may think. Payne is opening the doors for D’amelio into the mainstream music world, and D’amelio is exposing Payne to a new and younger fan base.

Dixie D’amelio is truly living the dream as a year ago she was an average high school teenager in Connecticut, but today she is making hits with Liam Payne. She probably never expected for her One Direction dream to come true.

What are your thoughts on Payne’s new song? Are you upset Payne is collaborating with Dixie D’amelio? What are your predictions for the music video?

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