Fearing Controversy, Academy Awards Considering Having No Host At All

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Out of nowhere, the once coveted job of host of the Academy Awards has, in 2018, become a position tied up in contention. After a Hollywood Reporter article was released calling the job one with a toxic air around it, the Academy Awards announced Kevin Hart as the official host. Unfortunately, it turns out Kevin Hart felt a lot of homophobic things — violent homophobic feelings in some cases, such as his threat to beat his child over the head with a dollhouse if he expressed feminine qualities. Generally not what audiences at home want to imagine as they watch their host cracking jokes about the rhino from Black Panther or whatever. Hart ended up leaving on his own accord after refusing to apologize. Also then he apologized so whatever. But, incredibly enough, over the span of almost a week the Academy Awards have not found a host to replace Hart, and instead are considering doing an awards show with no host at all.

According to Variety, the Academy Awards have expressed reservations about going with anyone too “edgy”, showing the Academy Awards have no idea what it is exactly that people don’t like about violent hate speech.

So. No host.

What does it mean to have no host? It means the Academy Awards will be hosted and presented by a rotating group of celebrities. It shouldn’t be too jarring, and it’s not too different from what the Academy has done in the past.

My thoughts, though? Who are the Oscars approaching right now? Is it comedians who don’t need this gig at all? Why not approach someone younger? Or someone younger people would want? Why not just vet people before you announce them? Donald Glover, Key and Peele (the latter won an Academy Award last year), Rachel Bloom, Eric Andre, Hannibal Burress, Billy Eichner, JB Smoove and other figures who are popular with younger people would connect with.

Hell, there’s been a groundswell of support towards bringing in Patton Oswalt, another left field choice that is unfortunately too left field for the panel that seems to prefer the kind of commodities who already rake in millions and again. You know, celebrities who weigh how badly they want to go out that night when thinking about a job like this.


Oh! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler would be a great choice too, right? Their Golden Globe hosting was one of those “all time legend” things.

Anyway, it can’t be that hard to find someone an Oscar host didn’t threaten to beat their son over the head with a dollhouse for being gay, can it?

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