First Image of Live Action Mulan Is Awesome

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All Lion Kings aside, few Disney animated movies going to live action have had quite the excited build up that Mulan has. The original animated movie adapted the legend of Hua Mulan (Fa Mulan in the movie), a Chinese woman who dressed up as a man in order to take her father’s place in the Imperial Chinese army against the invading Huns. The original animated movie was a favorite, inspiring a feminist message, and cultural reverberations that continue today, from Mike Pence’s ire to that damn Rick and Morty sauce. Now, Disney has released its first photo of actress Liu Yifei in costume as Mulan and folks… it is very cool.

Oooh! Ahhh! One cool thing about the still and the reason it… brings honor to us all… is it looks just so much like the kind of historical action movie you could see yourself get lost in. Maybe Disney realized that upon further… reflection… as cool as the Tim Burton Dumbo movie will be, or as exciting as it was to watch Bill Murray voice Baloo, a source material that can be represented using tradition cinematic techniques and epic shots or war and battle will…. make a man out of us? (Sorry, I’m trying to fit in each and every song title into this, and it’s coming out a little weird. I promise the next one will be extremely normal). Movies are “A Girl Worth Fighting For”. (That wasn’t very good, sorry, sorry).

Look, I’ll remain True To My Heart and just finish out this entry. This photo is promising, but I withold judgement of this movie until I see the live action Mushu! Is he even in this movie!? I’m not seeing him listed on IMDB! Mushu! Mushu! Mushu! Mushu!

Like “Crazy Rich Asians”, opening up this week, Mulan should be the third movie in about 25 years to feature an all Asian cast, which is both cool that it’s happening and insane that it’s only the third. Come on Hollywood! Come on!!!

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