Hammy has helped Stacey Fox cope with her severe depression for over two years. Now-- Hammy is in danger from the Orange City Council!

Stacey Fox is trying to keep her emotional support pig from being evicted. Her pig, Hamlet, also known as Hammy, was adopted when he was a little piglet two years ago!

The now 200-pound pig helps Fox with her severe depression. He lies in bed with her to comfort her. Swine are not allowed in single-family homes so Fox was told she had two weeks to find Hammy a new home. Fox claims it goes against the Federal Fair Housing Act that prevents discrimination against people with disabilities.

She is working with the Orange City Council to draft an ordinance that would let her keep Hammy. And to this I say, come on Orange City Council. What, you’ve never felt depressed in your life? You’re going to enforce some strict meaningless rules that no one will remember in order to further a woman’s depression? Leave Hammy be! Leave Hammy alone!

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