Former Pastor Finds Queerness, Divorces Husband, and Starts An OnlyFans Account

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An ex-evangelical pastor came out of the closet in 2017, and now she is fulfilling her fantasy of becoming a stripper by joining OnlyFans.

Nikole Mitchell says that she was expected to be a quiet and sweet persona with her strict Baptist upbringing, and now her drastic transformation if making waves on the internet.


“I was taught that women aren’t allowed to lead and that women belong in the kitchen and with the children,” said the ex-evangelical. So she decided to go the religious path, and became a pastor in the evangelist mega church in St. Paul Minnesota. Which appeared to be quite the rebellious move in her family’s eyes. “So even though it went against everything I was told, I decided to become [a pastor] because of my love for performing.”

In 2011, Mitchell ended up joining the Woodlands Hills Church that opened up her ideas from what her family had taught her. She had an awakening to the possibility of gender equality in faith based community.


In 2016, the OnlyFans stripper came to realization of her sexuality after attending a theater performance exploring themes of the LGBTQ+ identity. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’m straight’ and it rocked my world,” said Nikole, who identifies as bisexual/pansexual. However, her church wasn’t open yet to such ideas as she adds to say, “I knew if I revealed my queerness I would lose it all because the church is not welcoming to queer people.”

Struggling to keep her sexuality a secret for a year, she left the church after her final sermon on July 4th in 2017. However, this only marked the beginning of her story. Few months later, the 36-year-old publicly came out of the closet in her confessional YouTube video posted.

Her self-discovery as a queer woman allowed her to tap deeper in her dreams, and sexual desires.

The Instagram star signed up for a class called ‘Sexpress You’ after being triggered, and ‘magnetically drawn” by lingerie modeling. Mitchel went on to explain the class as, “…expressing your sexy self and that was the linchpin that I needed,” and expressing her euphoria as, “I cried because I had never felt more holy and sacred in my life.” “I was indoctrinated to believe my desires and my body were innately sinful and bad.”


Thrilled by her new discovery. Nikole had one last dream to accomplish. Her childhood fantasy of becoming a stripper.

The life Coach/Model said, “from a young age, I had fantasized of being a stripper.” She went on to launch her OnlyFans account where she posts explicit photos, and videos exploring deeper into her sexual desires, and love of performing. Aside from her new passion as an exotic dancer at OnlyFans, she also gives life coaching, and routinely blogs about her life journey.

“I started off really timid like just topless photos, but now I’m at the point where I take personal requests and make videos very tailored to people’s specific desires,” said Mitchell, who also works as a life coach and offers courses such as “How to Unf - - k Yourself” about how to be your true self. “I’m to the point where back in March I was actually going to be paid several thousand dollars to have sex with someone, and I was A-OK with that, but then COVID hit and that got cancelled. Every person has the right to express themselves in whatever way feels good to them and this is how it feels good to me,” she said.

So what do you all think? Would you also pay to see her OnlyFans?

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