Does Fousey really know Drake? Is the “Hate Dies, Love Arrives” tour a real thing? And is Fousey’s new act the real him...or just an act?

Does Fousey really know Drake? Is the “Hate Dies, Love Arrives” tour a real thing? And is Fousey’s new act the real him…or just an act?

In case you’re completely uninitiated, Yousef Erakat a.k.a. Fousey is a massively popular YouTuber with over 10 million subscribers. His greatest success came in the form of staged prank videos, such as this one where he dressed up like Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat and acted like he was going to attack people, or the aptly named Farting Gym Instructor Prank.

But in recent weeks, he was primarily promoting a free event at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles called Hate Dies, Love Arrives. He told Adam22 the whole thing was about spreading love and positivity, and claimed it would be the next Coachella. Fousey now says he considers himself an artist, not a YouTuber, and that motivational speaking may be his calling.

Without saying it outright, Fousey heavily insinuated that Drake would appear and perform at this free event, using Drake’s image in connection with the show. Unfortunately, and stop us if you’ve heard this one before, the free event hosted by the YouTuber didn’t exactly go off as planned.

A bomb threat appears to have been an act of “Swatting,” from someone hoping to cause chaos at Fousey’s event, or at least shut it down. Fousey hadn’t yet taken the stage, but he did speak to the 1,500 or so fans who were already in attendance in the parking lot.

Drake, of course, did not show up. And it turns out Fousey never really met him.

Sources close to Drake told The Blast the Drake was never booked to perform at the event, and that he “definitely doesn’t know that guy and this is the first he has ever heard of him.” So if everything’s all about positive energy and love and motivation, why make up this story about Drake performing at your show?

That question was sort-of answered on an hours-long livestream on Adam22’s “No Jumper” podcast. Even though he’s called the event a success, he admits he never really meant Drake, and he never was going to be there.

Now, in this interview with Adam22, Fousey talks a lot about vague things like energy and manifestation and “putting things” into the world. It’s ultimately unclear what his real goal is with all this. If he wants to be a motivational speaker, great– but he’s also said he’s set a goal to make $100 million by January 1, 2019.

Which is, like, Tony Robbins type money. So he might need a little more than 5 months to make that happen. There are so many ins-and-outs to this story we won’t have time to get into – but Keemstar says he’s making a documentary about the event, the first part of which is already up on his DramaAlert channel.

And Fousey said he’s hosting another Hate Dies, Love Arrives event on August 15 in LA, which he’s hinted will be at the Staples Center.

What do you guys think? Is Hate Dies Love Arrives Part Deux going to be more of a success than Part One? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending