Fox News Mocked For Jamie Lee Curtis Headline Which Doesn’t Know Movies Are Fake, I Guess

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Fox News has long been mocked for their weird partisan adherence to conservative ideology, something which resulted in a weird ouroboros where they’re one of the few things enjoyed by the president, resulting in a culture influenced and being reported on by Fox News. Today though Fox News ran into the mockery of the internet after trying to “own the libs” as it were (Trumpism’s weird and narrow calling) by pointing out that gun control advocate Jamie Lee Curtis… GASP! uses a gun in her upcoming Halloween movie! Gasp gasp gasp!

Now, forgetting the fact that movies are fake and reality is, you know, real, and does not have the threat of a Michael Meyers Halloween character in it. Instead it has the threat of endless school shootings, suicide by guns, children finding guns, mass shootings in movie theaters, and gun owners accidentally shooting one of their friends or family members. So you know. Some real shit that could make the argument of– well, maybe we don’t need a gun.

Well, Fox News’s bad faith gotcha blew up in its face, as fans online began to make fun of it by positing the same kind of strange question to other movies.


This last Tweet also reminded us of a Federalist writer arguing that maybe Anthony Hopkins does support cannibalism possibly? All to defend this strange Jamie Lee Curtis news Tweet. Look. It’s all very weird.


Finally one Twitter user lays it out — if you’re for gun control, it doesn’t mean you’re anti gun, it means you’re anti guns being easier to get than health insurance. That’s all! I think that’s fair, right?

What do you think of Fox News’s Tweet? Is it hypocritical for Jamie Lee Curtis to fight against guns while wielding a gun in her new movie, or is that a bad faith argument? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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