Fred and theComputerNerd01 Bring Their YouTube Personalities to TikTok

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Over the last week, two old-school YouTubers have revisited their retired internet personas.

If you are a true 2000’s kid, when you hear a high-pitched voice, your mind immediately thinks of the lovable Fred. However, since the 2010s, Fred has steered away from the public eye – until now.

Because of his hilarious content and distinct voice, fans instantly fell in love with Fred leading him to land a show on Nickelodeon, a film franchise, albums and all the merchandise you can imagine. This character, however, retired back in 2014 by Cruikshank so he could move on to other things, including a personal channel which has amassed over 3 million subscribers.    

However, Fred is keeping up with the times and shifting over to TikTok. A couples days ago Fred posted two videos onto his new TikTok account titled “heyitsfred” – hinting at coming out of retirement. 

In the first video, Fred shows pictures of himself during the highlights of his career, but then jumps to how he looks now which is much older – and a little like Justin Bieber.



In the second video, Fred is seen doing a popular TikTok dance while wearing the iconic Fred shirt.


hopefully Judy sees this #Fred #fredfigglehorn #fredthemovie

♬ original sound – Ivy Miller


People were shocked when Fred randomly appeared on their ‘For You Page,’ and this led over 222,000 people to click the follow button and keep updated with what Fred is up to next.

Fred is not the only 2010 YouTuber returning to his old content as Josh Chomik – better known as theComputerNerd01 – is making a comeback. TheComputerNerd01’s career peaked 10 years ago as people were obsessed with his parodies. One of his most popular videos was his parody of ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber that reached over 30 million views. 

After retiring from YouTube, Chomik decided to pursue other career options in the editing field, but now has a lot more free time due to the current pandemic. Because of this, Chomik has decided to resurrect his old YouTube persona as theComputernerd01.


On Twitter, he hinted at the release of a new parody and last weekend he followed through by posting his first parody in four years. 

Many of his TikTok followers requested him to create a parody to the viral song ‘WAP’ by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, and Chomik granted their wish. In the video, he makes the sexual and explicit song more PG by changing the lyrics to revolve around a “big bass cookie.”


Now, many people are feeling nostalgic about Fred’s and theComputerNerd01’s return and have had a lot to say on TikTok and Twitter – including newer social media influencers.



Are you excited for Fred’s and TheComputerNerd01’s return? 

Video Produced by Kelsey Morris

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