GALLERY: Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Celeb Halloween Costumes!

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Stars! They’re just like us! Even when their lives are a cornucopia of wealth and play, as we slave away in the grand and exciting content mines, we both come together to dress up as a bunch of goons on Halloween. Exciting goons. Goons with soul, goons from television, and just having a good goon infused time.

Who do we have here? We have Olivia Munn as Awkwafina from the hit rich about people both crazy and rich, Crazy Rich Asians. We have Kendall Jenner dressed up as an Austin Powers Fembot, complete with an Austin Powers in tow. The beloved sister Kylie Jenner was also dressed up as a pink adorned icon as a Barbie Doll, with a box in tow.

We also had G-Eazy dressed up as Two Face, Alyssa Milano as Captain America, Mario Lopez as The Greatest Showman, along with his kids, and Mariah Carey as a sexy nurse. Hey, you can’t go wrong with the classics, right Mariah Carey?


One of my favorites however was easily Rachel Bloom dressed up as her own dog! So much love for one little dog! We love it so! Both wonderful!

So what else do we have? What else do we got? Oh! Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his partner were dressed as a beekeeper and bee, Nina Dobrev dressed up as the concept of the movie “A Star is Born”, and the cast of Black-ish dressed up as the cast of Black Panther. Fantastic.


We also have Halsley as Poison Ivy, Rita Ora as Post Malone and Victoria Ora as a Ouija Board. My personal favorite though? Easily, EASILY, Paris Hilton as a sexy Furby. Paris Hilton knows what’s great out there! That cute little furry toy that pretends to eat when you press down on its tongue. Wonderful.

Which costume was your favorite? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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