Gay Men Called Out for Excessive Covid Parties in Instagram Account

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Obviously, the pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon, but a lot of people are acting like it is. An Instagram account called “Gays over COVID” is an account that is holding gay men accountable for their actions, as there are pictures and videos being posted of big parties.

This account is posting videos of gay men partying, and being in large groups. They are also calling out specific individuals who have posted in the past about staying home, but then showing them at parties.

A lot of people aren’t engaging with the account because they don’t want to be associated with it, but there are people who don’t care and are commenting.

The account posted a picture of a big group of men at a restaurant with the caption “#NoCovidHere”. One user who is in the picture commented, “such a fun time”, the account replied with “all fun and games until someone catches COVID”, and his response was “wouldn’t care if I did”

This shows that there are still so many people that aren’t taking coronavirus seriously, and don’t mind that there are pictures on the internet of them not taking precautions. The account features people all across the nation even.

In one story, the account called out one user who was at a party of gay men one weekend with a screenshot of his story saying “what a great day to hold people accountable for their bad actions!”

Huge influencers and Tik Tok stars are also attending huge parties and posting about it.


Tyler Oakley went to Twitter to call out these influencers, being vocal with his disapproval. He tagged the influencers who were at the party, he said, “please consider social distancing, mask-wearing, and using your huge platforms to encourage responsibility during a worldwide pandemic.

An influencer who is also calling celebrities out is Mac Kahey. He has called out Erica Costell, Jake Paul, and Tana Mongeau.

In response to Erika Costell’s apology for attending a big influencer party, he said, “We’ve been in this for 4 months. We’ve all been in this. We’re all in this together.” and “a simple note app apology doesn’t erase the damage. Do better or say nothing at all.”
We had a conversation with Mac about people not taking COVID seriously and how we should hold these people accountable.

Mac explains to hold people accountable and to not be afraid to call people out. You should even hold the influencers you follow accountable for their actions. If they want the pandemic to be over they have to stay home, it is that simple.

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