Gay Penguin Couple Keep Arguing After Adopting Baby Chick

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Yep, you’ve read that right. A gay penguin couple have adopted a little baby penguin chick, after she was neglected by her parents shortly after birth. Although this story sounds very cute, and it really is, things aren’t always what they seem. Unfortunately for fellow members of the penguin enclosure, they have been losing hours of sleep because the couple can’t seem to stop arguing over who should look after the chick, and subsequently, with the chick’s birth parents.

It’s an age old argument that reigns true for many new parents, and especially for these penguins and if you want to see the penguin couple trying out their new parenting skills, you can find them at Odense Zoo in Denmark, in which where all the drama has gone down. Further to the two arguing with each other over who’s turn it is to change the baby’s little penguin diaper (we are assuming), the couple are now in a collision with the chick’s birth parents.

Zookeeper, Sandie Hedegard Munck, said that the baby chick was only taken under the penguins’ wing, when they saw that that the baby was left on its own, with no parent in sight. Of course, the penguins saw how sad this was, and did their good deed by taking the chick’s care into their own hands. However, the chick wasn’t actually abandoned, and was in the care of its father the whole time. Apparently, the mother had gone to have a bath and the father didn’t have his parental instincts just yet, so let the chick wander freely.

When mother penguin returned, she was absolutely mortified, and when it came to getting her baby back from the penguins, it did not go down very well. In fact, the three had such a big argument, that the penguins had to unfortunately give the chick back to his parents. Although the mother penguin was very distressed, the gay couple were equally pissed and have created enemies for life after this incident.

Although, the penguins did do the right thing, as according to a penguin expert named, Ryan de Napoli, “the chicklet shouldn’t have been left alone, and those gay penguins swept in like the utter heroes they are to save and look after it.” However, the penguins no longer need to suffer the pain of losing their child, as the zoo have now given them an egg of their own to look after, which they have apparently called Pingu.


Ah, what a happy ending – just like the fairytales do it!

Do you think the gay penguin couple were right to rescue the little chick? Do you reckon mother chick needs to have a word with daddy chick about losing their child? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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