they know EVERYTHING

Quarantine seems to be making everyone either fall more in love or breakup with their partner, so it seems fitting that this digital cheating scandal is going viral again. We all know the Google Maps Cars that drive around the world with the 3D cameras to put our world into their software. These cars have captured everything from this man covered in seaweed in San Diego California, to this group of people wearing Pigeon heads in Japan. But now the Maps App has even captured cheating scandals.

This story from 2018 is resurfacing and going viral today, because in 2020 sometimes we just need to hear about some simple cheating scandals instead of global pandemics or political disasters.

In October of 2013 a Google Maps camera captured this romantic scene near the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco, Peru. A woman appears to be cuddling with a map on a bench outside the tourist destination. It turns out this woman is married to a man not featured in the picture, and their secret would have been safe if her real husband hadn’t looked up the destination on Google Maps in 2018 when planning a surprise vacation for his wife. He saw the image and recognized her as his wife, despite the faces being blurred. It’s been reported by Peruvian news sites that the couple ended in a divorce once this was discovered.

This story is both ionic and terrifying – forget iPhones listening to our conversations, the real fear should be google Maps apparently. Someone commented on this story saying “Google is literally everywhere!” and another “big brother is watching #noprivacy”.

What makes this story even more insane is that it opened the floodgates for Google-Maps-Cheating-Stories… because this isn’t an isolated incident… and a lot of people use Google Maps to catch their spouse cheating apparently.

Also in 2018, a story was circulating about a police officer in Tamaulipas, Mexico who was seen on Google Maps hugging a woman outside his police station. The image was discovered by his wife when she searched for his workplace on the Maps App and found the woman in the photo, who was allegedly the officers mistress. That couple also reportedly ended in divorce – because people really don’t like being cheated on, virtually or not. Even if you think you got away with it, it’s not cool and apparently you will always be found years later using Google Maps.

Google Maps scandals also aren’t isolated to married couples in Peru and Mexico, as this American twitter user tweeted out “Google Maps shows a random car in our driveway and both my parents accused the other of cheating … Google likes starting drama”. Another twitter user replied to these stories by saying “I remember back in 2016 I saw my girlfriend cheating on me using Google Maps. I was just bored and then boom, done”.

Lots of people, especially now, use Google Maps to virtually tour the world and pretend you’re on vacation. Since COVID has taken away everyone’s travel plans, we hope no one else finds your partner being disloyal during one of these virtual trips.

This clever twitter user also followed up to these stories saying “If you want to know if your partner is cheating on you, don’t check their social media, just check their Google Maps history lol”. Y’all who knew there was so much drama in Google Maps and people’s love lives. We hope you’re staying safe and happy during this quarantine and aren’t discovering your own virtual cheating debacle.