Grandma’s Life Thrown Into Chaos By Steve Harvey GIF

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Look, we make fun of older people for not understanding technology a lot, but come on! Do you know how much life these guys lived? They had to go through the Kennedy assassination, the Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and now you want them to understand iPhones? That seems like a huge ask! In any case, the results can be adorable, such as this incident where a grandmother, upon getting sent a gif of Steve Harvey clapping, seemed completely unsure why it won’t stop! Twitter user @AlexRKonrad chronicled the endless clapping below.

The grandmother was s baffled by this Steve Harvey gif, she asked what she could do to make it stop. For those not in the know, you know for all those grandmas out there I absolutely respect, GIF stands for “graphics interchange format” and basically shows an animation in a loop for all of time. But this grandma didn’t know that! She just wanted to know how you make the clapping man stop! She even went to the Verizon Store to see what she could do!

The Verizon store employee sounded very patient, with the grandmother describing it in a text o her family like so:

“Verizon guy was totally casual about it. Said it’s ‘Running in a loop’ … & said it would run out eventually. To which I replied but it will use up all its charge & he said “no — not at all” hmmmm leaving me speechless & perplexed!!!!!!!!!”

Oh, this guy’s grandma! Don’t you know, this clapping Steve Harvey gif will outlive Steve Harvey himself! It will outclap us all! As the Earth burns in the core of the sun, Steve Harvey will keep clapping.

Unless you delete the text chain.


I shudder to think.

Once the story went viral, Mashable did an interview with Konrad, who discussed following up with his grandma. Konrad told Mashable:

“I explained what a GIF was to her, and she said the Verizon employee had told her they “went around and around,” which got me laughing again. The poor guy was probably doing his best and not sure how to answer such a question. She now knows why Harvey keeps clapping and how to delete him — but she says she wants to keep him around now for now.”

And no story about someone being charming online is complete with a brand pretending to be human! Hell yeah, Verizon! You inch out the competition by jumping into a fun meme! Hell yeah!

What do you think of the story? Do you think that — OH NO– OH NO!!!



–Ugh. Now I have to go to the hospital.

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