Is this the start of Griffin's music career?

The Sway boys are the kings of TikTok diss tracks as Josh Richards’ and Bryce Hall’s ‘Still Softish’ was a massive hit. After witnessing his friends’ success, Griffin Johnson followed in their footsteps and dropped his own diss track as he had the perfect content – his breakup with Dixie D’amelio.

In Johnson’s new song ‘Convenient,’ he shares why his seemingly flawless relationship came to a bitter end.

Dixie’s and Griffin’s Relationship Timeline

Since February, fans speculated that Dixie D’amelio and Griffin Johnson were dating after a series of flirty TikToks. Their chemistry was undeniable.

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i keep it real @dixiedamelio

♬ Comatose – jxdn



date night w @dixiedamelio 🥰✌🏼

♬ Mine – Bazzi

However, they did not officially announce their relationship status until June when their friend and Hype House founder, Thomas Petrou, accidently let his tongue slip to the paparazzi. Because the internet freaked out that Petrou confirmed their relationship, D’amelio and Johnson decided that a cute way for them to officially announce their status was through lip syncing to the paparazzi video.


@petroutv said it first

♬ original sound – griffinjohnson


Although their relationship seemed bulletproof, all it took was one bullet for their love story to die.

On TikTok, a user posted a compilation of screenshots of Johnson flirtatiously Snapchatting her. In the screenshots, Johnson asks the girl to send pictures of her toes and that he is single – although at the time he was still dating Dixie. The last screenshot is D’amelio direct messaging her to figure out what is going on.


Tik tok keeps switching up but here for y’all looking for it

♬ original sound – Mad

Shortly after Johnson was exposed, D’amelio broke up with him. However, the D’amelio team already filmed and edited her YouTube video of her last date with Johnson, so she decided to post the video with a clip at the beginning announcing their breakup.


lmaoooo link in bio. 🙄🤭🥴😅🧐🤨😊

♬ original sound – Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie’s and Noah’s Relationship Timeline

When Noah Beck joined the Sway House and moved to Los Angeles, he often hung out with Dixie D’amelio and Curtis Newbill and called their trio “the nuggies.”


the forced me to film this 🙁 @curtisnewbill @noahbeck

♬ Shake It – Metro Station


This video if a perfect representation of the 3 of us always fighting for center of attention @dixiedamelio @noahbeck

♬ Tampa Curhat Beat – TampaCurhat

Even though D’amelio was still dating Johnson at the time, people began to ship D’amelio and Beck together as they seemed very compatible. So when Johnson and D’amelio broke up, people speculated that their wishes may come true.

From the beach to restaurants, D’amelio and Beck were repeatedly seen getting cozy with each other leading people to believe that they were dating.


Guess @dixiedamelio has a new bf so

♬ original sound – Mad

It should be noted that before Beck became close with D’amelio, he was good friends with Johnson as they lived together at the Sway House.


i need a tan @noahbeck

♬ Bonk – Howard the Alien69


Because of their friendship, people criticized Beck for violating bro code as he started to date Johnson’s ex.

After all the speculations and rumors, Beck and D’amelio took their relationship to the next level when they shared a kiss in D’amelio’s new music video for the ‘Be Happy’ remix featuring blackbear and Lil Mosey

When D’amelio posted a teaser of their kiss last week, Beck duetted her TikTok and called her his “bestie.”


#duet with @dixiedamelio i- oop… anywaysss go watch the bts of dixies new music video 🙂

♬ original sound – Dixie D’Amelio


But fans were not buying into the just “besties” thing.

During her music video premiere’s live stream, D’amelio commented on how their kiss was “uncomfortable” but Beck interrupts and says he was comfortable – publicly exposing his feelings towards her.

Breaking Down Griffin’s Song

On the same day that D’amelio released her music video, Johnson dropped his diss track. 

Leading up to the song’s release Johnson gave some hints on Twitter.


In his song ‘Convenient,’ Johnson describes his perspective on their breakup with the lyrics, “she said I cheated and you believed it ain’t that convenient,” – referring to the TikTok accusing him of cheating.

Then in the verse, he says “you don’t think I No-Ah,” and sings, “why you rollin with a git” – insulting his ‘friend’ Noah Beck for being with Dixie. Johnson throws more shade at Beck’s and D’amelio’s relationship with the lyric, “you said you’re just friends, but you’re wearing his clothes.”

Originally, when their breakup was made public, Johnson received a lot of hate. He refers to this in his song when he says, “you hung up all the dirty laundry out for everyone to see, … but they don’t know the history” – leading people to wonder if they really know the full story.

A couple hours after he dropped the song Johnson tweeted that, “cheaters cheat and lovers love, and I’m a lover” – knocking down the cheating allegations against him.

Also, he tweeted stating that he has forgiven Dixie and Noah and wants to move on.


Twitter Responses

Like ‘Still Softish,’ many are finding ‘Convenient’ catchy and enjoying hearing all the tea. 

The song may be catchy, but D’amelio fans are not here for Johnson throwing their idol under the bus.


Because we are isolated from the latest school and work gossip, it is easy to get hooked on all the TikTok drama, and although it may seem we know these teenagers, we don’t. The only people who know the true story are those physically involved – Griffin, Dixie, and Noah.

Whose side are you on? Do you ship Dixie with Griffin or Noah? Was it wrong for Griffin to post his diss track on the same day as Dixie’s music video?