Grifter Dog Pretends to Be Stray to Get Free McDonald’s Food

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If you can’t trust a dog begging for meat these days, then who can you trust? Princess, a dog in Oklahoma city has worked herself up quite the grift. When this comfortable dog with a warm owner and house and all sees the night fall, and hears the denizens of the house go to sleep, she sprints towards the parking lot of the local McDonald’s and — giving her cutest puppy dog face, gets the burger buying humans going through the drive through to feed her their left over burger bits.

The very good dog was discovered and caught on camera in her artless grift by her owner, Betsy Reyes, who had some not quite pleasant words for the animal seemingly just trying to catch a break in an endlessly hungry world. Said the cruel owner of the meat (a human) on Facebook: If you see my dog @ the McDonald’s on shields, quit feeding her fat ass bc she don’t know how to act & be leaving the house all the time to go walking to McDonald’s at night. She’s not even a stray dog. She’s just a gold diggin ass bitch that be acting like she’s a stray so people will feel bad for her & feed her burgers

Here is a video of Princess’s confusing act? Princess? More like Princess and the Pauper! That’s the Mark Twain story where the prince pretends to be poor, right? They made a Mickey Mouse version of it I think? Anyway, this is a dog. Okay, are we all on the same page? Okay, great! Okay! Check out the video below!

Hey, this is going to be controversial but uhhh… good dog. Get your burgers where you can you beautiful perfect supermutt.

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