Grocery Store: TikTok’s Newest Musical

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TikTok’s Grocery Store: A New Musical” is going viral for a hilarious reason. The thread of videos features all the stereotypes of musical theater, and everyone is chipping in to make it a full-fledged musical masterpiece. From the original actor, down to the can of soup- no one is being left out on this stage. 

Daniel Muertzluff self-titled as “Proud Musical Theatre Fanatic” decided to create his own TikTok musical that blew up the Internet with his hilarious portrayal of Broadway stereotypes, and show stopping vocals.  

How it all started

On Wednesday, September 23rd the Composer/Arranger released his viral TikTok parody of a musical that takes place in, you guessed it…the grocery store. The lyrics are about a couple arguing in down a grocery aisle. And it is iconic to say the least. His character wonders if they should continue their relationship or not with the standout line “I love you, but I don’t know if I like you.” The short clip also makes fun of stereotypes and tropes of Musical Theater.


Grocery Store: A New Musical #grocerystore #fyp #musicaltheatre #musical #singing #musicaltheater #acting #newmusicals

♬ Grocery Store Musical New York Summer MT parody – danieljmertzlufft

What made this TikTok musical even more magical is the fact that other people started adding themselves to Daniel’s musical to make it a true masterpiece. 

Here is Megan, a theatre student from University of San Diego adding her vocals. She plays the role of the girlfriend begging him to stay. And her vocals are ~Incredible~.


ha ha ha made an audio #fyp #FeelingGood #musicaltheatre

♬ Grocery Store as a Duet – ✨Megan✨


TikTok user, Kelsey, also wanted to jump on this trend. She couldn’t resist the temptation of adding herself as the child, which dramatically changed the tone of the storyline. Making it seem like the original character is walking away from his family.


#duet with @another.blonde @danieljmertzlufft Grocery Store: The Musical #theatrekid #divorce #grocerystore #musicaltheatre #mom #dad

♬ Grocery Store Musical New York Summer MT parody – danieljmertzlufft

And what’s a grocery store without their underpaid, but overworked employees. This is where the story line really begins to grow and become hilarious. I mean who hasn’t been witnessed an awkward scene at grocery store? 

It’s Growing

 You didn’t think they would end at the store’s employee, did you? Alex, perhaps, found the most unique point of view in the grocery store… as a can of soup. You read that right. This TikTok-er decided that a can of soup was the perfect addition to the musical, and they were right. 


#duet with @ireallylikemusica1s #theatrekid #harmony #imacanofsoup

♬ Grocery Store Musical New York Summer MT parody – danieljmertzlufft


Nope, not stopping there. Michael here seems to understand the true grocery store experience.


#duet with @alexengelberg in a grocery store #greenscreen #newyorksummer #fyp #foryou

♬ Grocery Store Musical New York Summer MT parody – danieljmertzlufft

Are you struggling to follow along, yet? I know it’s a lot to keep track of, but trust us, it’s worth it. This clip is becoming more and more like an actual musical ensemble. Here is the automatic door, an absolute staple to the authenticity of this project: 


#duet with @themichaelspencer Steven is honored to be making his b-way debut as the automatic door #greenscreen #grocerystore #musical #theatrekid

♬ Grocery Store Musical New York Summer MT parody – danieljmertzlufft

Here are the last two members of the viral cast.

 I guarantee you that this is the last clip of the magical grocery store: the new musical. In other words, the grand finale.

Can someone please make this an actual musical already? Seriously–we see it all. The storyline? Written. The music? Perfected. The characters? Casted. We just need Broadway to scoop this up now.

Daniel already released a prequel to the musical, and it’s just as good. Now we are waiting for the movie adaptation of this timeless piece.

Video Created By:
Anes Hasi


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