good for HER

A racist “Karen” tried to demand service at a salon even after attempting to assault the hairstylist (and being caught on camera). Robin, a.k.a Karen, was getting a simple root touch up job by her longtime hairstylist Sharon. When Sharon asked her new assistant Alex to finish it up for her (a common practice at salons), Robin threw a fit. In a video that has gone viral, Robin refuses to let Alex complete the service, and gets increasingly hostile. She continues to demand service despite being disrespectful, and Sharon keeps it professional, until Robin moves her elbow with the intent of hitting Sharon in the face. Robin, not being able to digest the consequence of her entitled actions, begs Sharon to finish her hair, but as One Republics’ famous quote states: “It’s too late to apologize”.

Robin tries to justify her actions by saying “Im having a lot of stress in my life”, you know, cause she is the only one going through a hard time right now. The people who are working to provide a service in the middle of a pandemic, putting their health and lives at risk, have absolutely no problems. 

Sharon went on Instagram live to talk about what happened in the video.

In it she talked about Robin’s history of being disrespectful towards the people working in the salon. Sharon also shared incidents where Robin used derogatory language in regards to Mexican individuals, and the stylist recognizes the subtle racism that eventually leads to the discrimination of her Mexican assistant Alex in the viral video. 

Soon after the video went viral, Robin’s granddaughter directly contacted Sharon, to say that she condemns and apologizes for her grandmother’s actions. The internet also showed overwhelming support for Sharon’s professionalism, and courage to speak out to protect her assistant. Here are some reactions’:

 Many rightfully praised the professionalism showcased both by Sharon, and Alex:

 This one goes to Alex “Her assistant is a class act and likely good at her job.”

We applaud both Sharon, and Alex for keeping it classy, and truly hope that this is the end of 2020 Karen stories. Probably not, but still, one can dream. 

Video Created By:
Anes Hasi