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A black woman and her two children were questioned for trespassing at a hotel pool.

With many people all over the world coming together to fight for The Black Lives Matter Movement, we are starting to have hope that racism in America can finally come to an end. But when things like this keep happening… we can’t help but question our progress.

This woman was staying at a hotel in North Carolina with her children playing in the pool when a white female employee approached her asking for proof of her stay. Meanwhile, a white couple at the pool hadn’t been questioned. She showed her room key as proof, but the employee still decides to call the police on her. She proceeded to say “people like you” tend to trespass into their pool area, alluding that people like her were black. The Hampton released a statement on Twitter from the global head of the franchise and said, “Hampton by Hilton has zero tolerance for racism or discrimination of any kind.”

It has been said the employee solely called the cops in suspicion of the family trespassing, but there are also rumors of the children being unattended in the pool.

What are your thoughts on this? Sometimes it is tricky to access situations from a video, but this one says a lot.