Harry Styles’ New Vogue Spread is Making Fans Swoon

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In case the internet needed the any more reason to love Harry Styles, Vogue magazine just gave them one. For the December cover of Vogue, Harry Styles captured the eyes and hearts of readers everywhere while wearing a blue dress and blowing up a balloon in a field (Can anyone say…dreamy?). Inside the magazine spread, the One Direction alum posed in several outfits, each one exceptional in its own.

The internet has had a love affair with Harry Styles since his One Direction days. All of his albums go straight to the top of the charts, with his latest single, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ being #1 this Summer on Billboard’s Top 100.

Twitter is Head Over Heels

As always, Twitter is all over Harry Styles and the photos that Vogue has produced from the shoot. The reactions are just as expected– absolutely obsessed.



Harry’s sister, Gemma, was also included in the shoot.

The First of Many 

According to Variety, Harry Styles is the first man to have a solo cover on Vogue; quite a momentous occasion since the magazine has been circulating for over 127 years.

Nadja on Twitter wrote, “I don’t think u understand how big his impact on the fashion industry actually is.” What do you think? Do you think that this Harry Styles’ cover will change the way men think and feel about fashion?

He was also the youngest person to host the Met Gala. Harry is most definitely making waves, and he is only 26 years old.



Kris on Twitter pointed out the many accomplishments that Harry has achieved this year and said, “harry styles is the first male in history to have a solo american vogue cover. he’s  variety’s hitmaker of the year. he’s just barely on his second acting gig ever and he booked the leading male role. love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he changed the game this year.”


Gender Expression

The most jaw-dropping look Harry was styled in, perhaps, is a shirtless photo where he is posed in a long, printed skirt laying along some type of contraption. The photos, taken by Tyler Mitchell, play with the idea of classic, hegemonic gender expression, something Styles has been open about in the past.

It is not often men in powerful positions are confident enough to wear more traditionally feminine clothing like skirts and dresses, but Harry Styles fights back against toxic masculinity time and time again. While some of the looks were met with snarky comments on Facebook, as the Twitter user below mentions, it was more than overwhelmed by people who were happy to see a male icon throw social, outdated constructs to the curb.


This Twitter user said, “even if you hate harry styles you’ve got to admire him for being against toxic masculinity like??? a dress for a vogue shoot mwah mwah mwah.”


Mckenna wrote, “…he chose to dress androgynous and literally screw toxic masculinity and absolutely murder the fashion industry. I love this man for everything he is and who he represents.”

Lauren Hancock on Twitter commended Harry for his attempt of separating gender and clothing. Hancock said, “Thank you @Harry_Styles for abolishing the absurd notion that clothes (and accoutrements) have genders.”


Reactions are flooding Twitter, after the magazine’s release of the profile, and it is already trending on the social media platform. People everywhere are feeling inspired and uplifted by Harry Styles and path he is continuing to forge in the world of music, film, and fashion. While One Direction has been on a “hiatus” for over 5 years, Styles’ refuses to be confined to his boy band past.

How did you feel about Harry Styles’ look? Fashion dream or fiasco? Let us know in the comments.

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