Here’s Why Fox News Hasn’t Been Tweeting

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A lot of the internet has been wondering, why hasn’t the hyper conservative media outlet Fox News been Tweeting for the past week or so? Some hopeful souls have been thinking it’s due to the impending Mueller investigation. That’s a bit of something that is unfortunately just straight up optimism. The real reason is the same old stuff — the ongoing attempt by Fox News and other Trump allies to try to pain neutral media as having a bias against conservatives. It must be said that, Twitter does not have a right wing anti media bias. They seem to let a lot of hate run rampant, and were the only social media platform to not ban Alex Jones until Jones himself personally harassed Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

The lack of Tweeting, according to New York Magazine, is tied to the protest that happened at Tucker Carlson’s home. Fox News is protesting that Twitter did not immediately pull down the Tweet with Tucker Carlson’s address. Twitter did eventually pull down the address, and did ban Smash Racism DC.

A quick note about the protest — Tucker Carlson has greatly exaggerated what happened, and the protest was within legal limits, with legal observers brought to the scene according to the official police report. More about Tucker Carlson stretching the story in one of violence, which did not happen, can be read about over on The Daily Dot or in the thread starting with the Tweet below. Although I am sure that any form of protest is a point of controversy, particularly one that goes to an individual’s home, Carlson’s violent story and what the police report and other witnesses actually claimed happened are very different.

This is of course a bullying media tactic to try to force Twitter to do what Fox News and other conservative outlets want them to do. The over exaggeration of the story, the extremely dramatic response — even if it doesn’t gaslight Twitter into thinking they hate conservatives, it could continue to divide Fox News’ own audience into believing, as many of them do, that there is a strong bias against conservatives and the people who make up conservatives that there aren’t.

Although if Twitter finally gets good at banning harassers because of freakin’ Tucker Carlson… man. Come on.

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