Hero Saves SIX Abandoned Dogs During Hurricane Florence

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First of all, wow. We’re in shock by how much bravery these men have shown, especially during Hurricane Florence which has come out of nowhere and caused such a big upheaval for so many families across the country. It’s so surprising and heart-warming how many people are helping each other out in these conditions, rather than taking an ‘every man for himself’ attitude. However, demonstrating the kind nature of humans, are two men –  Ryan Nichols and Marcus DiPaola, who have saved SIX dogs from this devastating hurricane.

As the video begins, you see Nichols striding through the fast-rising floods. As the video continues on, six dogs are shown locked in a cage, presumably at their family home, barking and whining desperately for help. Honestly, this has really annoyed me, as how could you abandon your animals whilst you evacuate to safety? It’s amazing that Nichols and DiPaola were willing to put their lives at risk to save these poor pooches from imminent danger.

Seriously, people, bring your pets with you. I couldn’t imagine ever leaving my dog behind, whilst I save only myself. It’s selfish and so dangerous. There are kind people out there who will try to help your animals. Everyone wants to help your pets, use their help!

Now, this is not the first time that Marcus and Ryan have helped out during these devastating floods. DiPaola has posted on Twitter videos of him and Ryan rescuing families who were stuck in their homes…


And of them being the animal lovers of the century, by rescuing a little kitten…

As the hurricane is only set to get worse, it is heart-warming to see everybody helping each other out in this time of need.

If you know someone who has been affected by Hurricane Florence, or would like to help out those in need click here.

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