Honor Hunter V700: A New Laptop for Gamers

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According to the statistics, gaming is one of the most popular ways to relax. Yet, there is a great number of games and devices used for this purpose. For example, if you want to bet at the best online casino in Canada, you need an average laptop or smartphone. Yet, if you enjoy heavier games, you will have to get more powerful devices. Only a few years ago, gamers had to use huge computers. But recently, Honor has developed a breakthrough gadget for people who enjoy gaming.

A New Laptop Release

The Honor brand has announced the launch of the new Honor Hunter V700 gaming laptop.  This device is developed in a case made of aluminum alloy and equipped with an IPS screen with a diagonal of 16.1 inches and narrow frames. The original Wind Valley cooling system provides effective processor and chassis cooling. The new laptop is already available on the official website of Honor online store and other platforms of the brand. 

What Makes It Different

The main shortcoming of gaming laptops is that these devices are too heavy. Yet, Honor engineers have created a unique gaming laptop with a thickness of less than 20 mm. The screen provides high-definition playback of dynamic scenes with low lag and no blurring. 

The laptop supports 4K and is equipped with a cybersports keyboard with four zones of backlighting. A larger touchpad with accidental-pressure prevention technology helps users improve control accuracy and efficiency by eliminating errors. For more convenience, the laptop is equipped with a power button with a fingerprint scanner. With this feature, a full system startup occurs in 8 seconds.

The 10th generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor guarantees the highest video performance and flawless rendering of complex scenes. The internal memory capacity is 512 GB. Yet, you can use slots to expand it.

The original Wind Valley cooling system includes several functions at the same time:


  • Air intakes. Heat sinks. 
  • Two powerful fans equipped with self-cleaning dust removal systems.
  • The keyboard ventilation system. 

Since the first generation, the Honor MagicBook device has offered users the Multi Screen feature for simultaneous use with multiple devices. In addition to simple file transfers between Windows and Android devices, the new laptop has a few new functions. If you shake your Honor smartphone during a game and bring it close to the laptop’s touchpad, the Highlight Capture feature will record a 1-minute clip of the gameplay itself. Thus, it will capture 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after that moment. 

Honor Hunter V700 has good sound. This laptop has built-in Nahimic for Gamers stereo speakers which give a decent and clear sound at medium volume. Yet, it is better to buy extra speakers (if you play at home) or high-quality headphones (if you play outside). It will help a user to dive into the game and hear all the sounds.

The cooling system is adjusted through the Honor Hunter Gaming Center app. Furthermore, with this program, it is possible to set a specific color for each element, including the backlight with the logo.

There are three operating modes available when the laptop is powered from the mains and two modes when it is powered from the battery. All of them have intuitive names, and the data is displayed next to them. The gadget will operate lots of hours, even if you play with the highest settings.

Besides, the Honor Hunter V700’s multi screen technology allows for live streaming of the gameplay from your smartphone. Mobile game video and audio can be synchronized with your laptop over a wireless network, providing a stable and smooth real-time streaming experience just like a wired connection.


How Much Is It

Yes, the price tag of the Honor Hunter V700 is higher than the alternatives. Before deciding to buy it, It is better to study  the market in more detail and pay attention to the pros and cons. Yet, if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a gaming and working device that you plan to use for three to five years, Honor Hunter V700 is the perfect choice. If you follow all the requirements while using it, it will operate even more time. So, it can become a money saver.

All in all, Honor Hunter V700 is a useful device for gamers. It has a huge number of unique features. With this high-quality laptop, you can play anything you want, regardless of your location. It is possible to take this handy gadget everywhere because it is not that big.

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