Mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives these days as they can do more than just simply connect us to people. These handheld gadgets have become almost as powerful as personal computers in the sense that they have multiple functions other than placing calls and sending SMS. There are applications that you can […]

Mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives these days as they can do more than just simply connect us to people. These handheld gadgets have become almost as powerful as personal computers in the sense that they have multiple functions other than placing calls and sending SMS. There are applications that you can use for your work, for entertainment, and even for personal use all bottled up inside these devices. It’s no wonder that people are in the lookout for a powerful smartphone that they can invest in.

However, is it really worth getting a brand-new mobile phone these days?  Yes, they are stunning works of art with their sleek and stylish designs and superb performance, but the recent models from Apple are just overpriced. It is understandable that iPhones are priced high since they are of good quality, but when your funds are running low, you might want to consider other options such as looking for the best refurbished iPhones instead.

What’s Refurbished?

There are instances when iPhones have been returned because the buyer wanted a different model, or that they experienced some problems with the unit. It is understandable that Apple will resolve this by either replacing the unit or giving them a brand-new unit based on the model that the buyer prefers. So, what happens to the returned device?

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Well, the tech giant refurbishes returned iPhones to test them for any problems. Any issues that they come across will be dealt with by replacing the parts or reconfiguring the unit until they work like new. From there, these gadgets are then restored to their original settings to wipe out any data that the previous owner has left. Only then will these devices be placed in boxes and sold for less than the original price.

This entire process is how refurbishing occurs and it is not just Apple that does this practice but other mobile phone companies as well. Even third-party retailers of second-hand iPhones also do this, but they offer more discounts.

How Come Refurbished Phones are Better than Brand-new?

You might be thinking about why getting a refurbished mobile phone is better than buying a brand-new handheld device. You are not the only one who is starting to think this way as people are starting to look for refurbished gadgets these days. Here are a few reasons why getting a refurb is considerably better than spending on a brand-new device.

  • Cheaper Price. The first thing that makes refurbs better than getting a sealed one from Apple is the price. Typically, refurbished iPhones are sold less than the new ones since they are no longer called “new”. However, you can come across iPhones that have been refurbished and work like new without the matching expensive price tag. For sure, if you have a budget in mind, you’ll probably get one where you can save more.
  • Like New. As it was mentioned before, there are refurbished Apple products that actually work like new. If you get a refurbished model from the tech giant itself, there is an assurance that your iPhone will be performing as if it is new, without any lags, hitches, or any other issues. The same goes true if you purchase one from a trusted retailer which is why you need to be careful where you will be buying your unit.
  • Longer Life Cycle. Another reason why buying refurbished is better than paying a high fee for a brand-new iPhone is the fact that their life cycle can be extended. This can only happen when the refurbishing process has been done by a professional. A professionally refurbished mobile device will not only have its defective parts replaced or repaired, but a new battery pack will be installed as well. This extends the life cycle of the unit since the battery is almost in good condition. This is why you will still older iPhone models being sold today because the store has professionally refurbished them to make them work like new.
  • Good for the Environment. You have probably heard about the ruckus regarding the number of gadgets being disposed of every year across the globe. The numbers are staggering and have become a growing concern among environmentalists. This is not surprising given that these gadgets contain chemical components that can leak and damage our ecosystems and those living in them. By choosing refurbished devices, not only will you prevent more mobile phones from ending up in the garbage, you will help keep them in circulation which the environment can benefit from.
  • Comes with Warranty. There is a common misconception that a refurbished iPhone will be simply sold as-is. However, since third-party retailers are competing with others for customers, they are now offering competitive perks such as longer warranties. As a matter of fact, it is not that hard to find a retailer that can easily offer up to one year of warranty just like what Apple is offering to its customers. You just need to deal with trusted sites like QwikFone to get a warranty that can match that of Apple.
  • Return Policy is still Intact. Buying refurbished is not that different from getting a new one since there is still an option to return the unit for a full refund. Typically, the return policy is only for 14 days, but this is enough to help you decide whether the iPhone you bought is what you are looking for or not.
  • Comes in a Neat Box. It is not only new phones that are packaged neatly because you can get refurbished gadgets placed in clean white boxes too. You can gift them as is if you like with the receiver none the wiser on what surprise is stored in it.

Quick Tips to Buying an iPhone that has been Refurbished

Buying a refurbished iPhone doesn’t have to be that hard even when you have plenty of options to consider. To make it easier for you to land the best buy, you can follow these tips:

  • Choose a trusted retailer. Your quest for the best refurbished iPhones begins with finding the right retailer. There are several third-party sellers out there as well as online sites that offer iPhones that have undergone refurbishing and are selling them at cheap prices. However, keep in mind that not all of them will give good quality for the price that they are asking. The best approach here is to narrow down your choices by checking out trusted sellers instead. You can always start with Apple itself since they do sell refurbished iPhones too, although you will only get around 10% off from the iPhone’s original price.
  • Shop around. Never buy the first refurb iPhone that you come across. Make it a point to shop around first so you will know what deals are available. This way, you will be able to compare prices and perks too.
  • Return policies. Another tip that you should follow when shopping for iPhones that have been refurbished is the return policy of the seller. There should always be a return policy regardless of whether you will buy directly from the manufacturer, or from retailers. This is a security policy on your side since you will be able to get a refund from the seller if you decide that it is not what you want.
  • Warranties. If a seller doesn’t offer any warranty, it is likely that the iPhones that they are selling are used and not refurbished. Reliable sellers will have a warranty in place whether it will be a few months or 12 months. Warranties are necessary because you will be able to have your device repaired or replaced within the warranty period if a problem occurs with them.
  • Condition. When searching for refurbished iPhones, always choose one that is in pristine or Grade A condition. Pristine means that the iPhone is working like new which is important. You should check the description of the products first before making any final purchase. If a seller doesn’t indicate the condition of their iPhones, look somewhere else.
  • Unlocked. It is also a good idea to look for refurbs that are unlocked as this will give you more options when it comes to selecting a carrier. Yes, you can purchase refurbished iPhones as part of a contract from various carriers in the UK, but if you want to have more control over your mobile phone usage, then choose an unlocked handset instead.

Should You Choose Refurbished for iPhone?

There is nothing wrong with buying a refurbished iPhone as long as it is in pristine condition as this means that the unit is working like new. This way, you’ll get a fully functioning and high performing smartphone without spending more than your budget. This is a great idea for those who want to switch to iOS but don’t want to spend their entire budget on a brand-new one. As long as you purchase from a reputable seller and you followed the tips above, you are sure to find the perfect refurbished iPhone for your personal use.