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A Georgia Officer posts an emotional video after her delayed English McMuffin meal in the drive-through, insinuating that the workers were messing with her food, and the internet mocks her.

Who else just loves a good ole savory comfort breakfast from McDonald’s? Maybe it’s that hot steamy pancake meal that just makes your mouth water— or that delightful chicken biscuit with hash browns and an orange juice. Is it the most healthy breakfast? Probably not… but it’s delicious.

How many of you have had your food late from McDonald’s? Or anywhere for that matter? I’m sure many of us have. But for one police officer in Georgia, her delayed English McMuffin meal called for a video complaint to social media.

The video explains that she had mobile-ordered her meal after getting off of work and that after pulling up to the 2nd window, they again told her to pull up and continue to wait for her food. “I was waiting… and waiting… and waiting,” she said. When a worker finally met her at her car, she had only brought her coffee, and not the full meal. She then had a breakdown and told the worker to not even bother bringing the rest because she was too nervous to eat it. It seems she presumed the staff were messing with her food because she was a police officer.

There were mixed reactions on Twitter, but one said, “Stacey who has been a cop for 15 yrs went to @McDonalds. She paid for it in advance and this is how she gets treated for being a cop? Come on America. We are better than this.”

Another user said “It brought me tears watching this brave police officer. I will never Go to @McDonalds anymore, I won’t miss the junk food nor its coffee”.

On the other end, Clay Wallace said, “Not sure I understand. I’ve had to wait for inept teenage McDonald’s workers too.”

And someone else said, “Everyone in the comments are so mad this poor woman had to wait a few extra minutes for her mcmuffin just wait till we tell them how long black people have been waiting for equality”.