The Hype House Spark Internet Uproar After Collaborating with 6ix9ine

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It looks like the drama continues to revolve around The Hype House, just when we thought things were settling down.

The TikTok personality collection have continued to ruffle the feathers of social media users with their controversial decisions yet again. Despite the scrutiny they have been under over the past few months, they are facing even more major backlash for deciding to collaborate with controversial rapper, Daniel Hernandez, better known as his stage name: Tekashi Six Nine. 

Twitter and TikTok have not stopped talking about this collaboration since it was originally revealed. Creator and manager of The Hype House, Thomas Petrou, raised eyebrows this week when he decided to surprise influencers of The Hype House with a special visit from Tekashi Six Nine. This led to speculation that the popular influencers took part in this scheme to help him promote his recently released album TattleTales.

This is yet another controversial decision for members of The Hype House as well as manager Thomas Petrou. Due to Tekashi Six Nine’s problematic past, many music fans, celebrities and other influencers have steered clear of both him and his releases. Back in 2015, Tekashi made headlines when he plead guilty to a sex crime involving a minor and recently, he was also arrested on charges related to firearms and racketeering.


The “TROLLZ” rapper previously admitted to also beating up his girlfriend and has caused debate for using the n-word in his songs. 

The controversy and contention revolving around Tekashi Six Nine has been going on for years now. And many believe that this is not the last time we will hear bad news about the hip-hop star.

While at The Hype House, he took part in creating some TikToks with a few of the Hype House members. These members include Tayler Holder, Olivia Ponton and Ondrez Lopez. 

Tayler and Olivia decided to post the TikToks created to their personal pages and even featured songs of Tekashi Six Nine’s while Ondrez was featured on Six Nine’s account. Since the videos were posted, Tayler Holder, Olivia Ponton and Ondrez Lopez have all deleted them from their accounts. However, none of the influencers have taken responsibility or apologized for their actions yet. 


In an interview with HollywoodFix, Tayler Holder said that the rapper was “dope” and “really genuine.” He continued to explain that he was a really nice guy and that he posted content from the visit. Holder also said that he didn’t think that collaborating with Six Nine was a “bad look” for the house. 

Many fans and other TikTok stars have openly disagreed with this decision on social media. Other influencers went as far as calling out The Hype House.

Some pointed out the fact that there are young girls at The Hype House and this was not a great idea based on Six Nine’s criminal history.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that celebrities have looked past the rapper’s controversial past and decided to work with him. Other influencers, such as Logan Paul and NELK, have created content with him as well. 


The Hype House and many influencers in general have a very young audience and following on social media. The criticism of them working with an ex-convict and also not wearing masks during their content with Tekashi Six Nine has caused an uproar online.

Thomas Petrou’s Youtube video and vlog featuring the rapper remains online. Top comments on the video call Hernandez a “predator,” “pedophile” and “abusive.” 


Currently, Tekashi Six Nine is halfway through a four-year probation period and was recently released from house arrest for his firearm and racketeering charges from 2019. 

Social media users continue to bash The Hype House for this decision specifically on Twitter and TikTok. However, any formal apologies are still nonexistent.

Other current members of The Hype House include Avani Gregg, Tayler Holder, Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, James Wright and Jack Wright. Currently, Charli D’Amelio is not directly associated with the house at this time. 

What do you think about Tekashi Six Nine and his recent influencer PR campaign? 

Some TikTok users are deciding to unfollow the stars that were a part of this. Others are ending their support of The Hype House entirely.

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