Hype House Member Larray Disses Popular Controversial Influencers in His Song ‘Canceled’

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Because many popular social media stars are victims of ‘Cancel Culture,’ Hype House member Larray decided to release a track called ‘Canceled’ where he disses the biggest TikTok and YouTube creators for their controversies and scandals, and no one is off limits.

Who’s Getting Dissed?

The music video starts with many prominent TikTokers including Noah Beck, Jack Wright, and Vinnie sitting in a classroom as they get ready for their lesson on Cancel Culture, and their first chapter is on the problematic king – Bryce Hall.
When the teacher asks if anyone knows Bryce Hall, one student insults him, but Bryce Hall and his best friend Josh Richards are present in the classroom and make confused faces into the camera.
This is a segway to Larray’s big entrance as he is the “expert” on Cancel Culture. Larray jumps right into his lesson plan and starts off with Bryce Hall. However, instead of mentioning Hall’s big birthday bash, he sticks the knife a bit deeper as he says he “only knows his name because Addison gave him fame,” referring to his relationship with the highest-earning TikToker Addison Rae.
However, Larray is not done with Bryce Hall as later in the song he raps, “Bryce and Josh tried to bully little Chase, y’all makin diss tracks, let me put you in your place,” referring to their diss track ‘Still Softish’ which is about Lilhuddy (Chase Hudson). To get back at the Sway boys for dissing his friend and fellow Hype House member, Larray taunts Richards for “selling his life to Triller” and Hall for losing Addison Rae – leading to her appearance in the video.
After taking some jabs at Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, Larray moves on to James Charles. He compliments Charles’ butt, but insults his large forehead. Larray then turns to Charles’ side by dissing Charles’s rival Tati Westbrook as he refers to their drama with “Tati forty and complaining about some vitamins (Grow up), you don’t like James, so why did you invite him in?”

On the topic of makeup moguls, Larray takes a second to acknowledge Jeffree Star as he was cancelled for saying the n-word. However, Larray is not so sure how Star will respond to his roast, so he tweeted “Jeffree…don’t sue me…”

After having his fun with the internet’s most hated, Larray goes on to TikTok’s heartthrob – Noah Beck. Even though many think Beck is attractive, Larray made fun of Beck’s thick neck, but Beck even makes fun of it himself.


Ok last one cause this was funny! @noahbeck

♬ WHAT YOU KNOW BOUT LOVE – Stand On Business????

Larray then shifts the tone as he compliments Beck as he says he knows why Dixie D’amelio chose him over Griffin Johnson as “he hits different.” Johnson previously made a diss track called ‘Convenient’ where he threw shade at his ex, Dixie D’amelio, and his friend Noah Beck, but took it off streaming platforms after D’amelio made a TikTok showing evidence of Johnson cheating on her.

Larray also mentions how his friend Nikita Dragun was cancelled for blackfishing as many people noticed that her skin tone looked darker in some pictures of her than in others.
But Larray quickly moves on to the most hated man on TikTok – Tony Lopez. Lopez has been receiving mass amounts of hate after multiple underaged girls exposed him for sending them inappropriate messages and Larray alludes to this drama with “Tony locked up for tryna bag a señorita” as well as in the chorus with “This ain’t a race Tony Lopez caught a case.”
Taking a break from TikTokers, Larray jumps to YouTubers by bringing up how fans were upset with Shane Dawson after he was accused of sexually assaulting his cat. Larray throws some shade at Dawson with “Shane Dawson got a cat, hold on, someone call PETA.”
In the track, Larray has already thrown several punches at many in the social media world and he felt that it was time to roast himself by TikTokers in the classroom asking “This you?” as they show edits of Larray’s face.
When the break is over, Larray goes back to roasting other social media influencers as he claims that Tana Mongeau “gets cancelled every 5-7 business days” and “she finds a way to [mess up] every different way.” Larray also mentions her relationship and fake marriage with troublesome YouTuber Jake Paul.


we know we’re late but i couldn’t not post this hahahahahahah @jakepaul

♬ original sound – Tana Mongeau

Larray then brings up the beat and the roasts when he mentions the time the internet was hysterical over a sharting noise from Josh Richards ‘Live’ that people assumed was his ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett.
Because no one is off limits, Larray shades his friend and TikTok’s most followed and beloved creator – Charli D’amelio. After a video was leaked of 16 year-old Charli D’amelio vaping, the internet freaked out as they could not believe their perfect sweetheart would vape, and Larray refers to this with, “don’t want the smoke, but Charli had that vape.”


Speaking of Charli D’amelio, Larray takes a swing at Hype House founder Thomas Petrou as he raps, “don’t got the hype because when Charli left y’all tank,” referring to the Hype House losing some hype after Charli D’amelio left the Hype House.
Larray then comes after the Dolan Twins who previously unfollowed him, so he blocked them, and Larray raps “after Sister Sqaud your channel went and flopped.” And the Dolan Twins even made an appearance in the video.

As his mic drop, Larray says he is going to take David Dobrik’s Tesla and floor it, and then goes on to repeat the chorus.

Fans’ Response

Larray may be shading many some of the most successful influencers, but everyone seems to be here for it. Fans are taking to Twitter to share their reactions to their favorite lines and jabs at these creators.

Although hate and Cancel Culture creates a toxic environment on social media, Larray decided to add a bit of humor in order to slightly make social media a little less toxic. What was your favorite roast? Do you think this diss track was a hit?

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