Infinity War Directors Tweet Out Mysterious New Image: What Could It Mean!?

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The world of Marvel is a world codified with mysteries and secrets, concepts and ideas complex and on another plane of thinking that forces you to expand your mind. What do the Infinity Stones mean? How has Carol Danvers stayed so young for so long? What happened to the legions of the dead at the end of Infinity War? And James Gunn — are they going to bring him back or is that a done deal now and we’ll have to imagine wether Groot learns a new language or not. In any case, the Russo Brothers, the brilliant directing team behind the last two Captain America movies and Avengers: Infinity War have released an image, that they claim contains a secret if you look hard enough…

So we did look hard at this image, and we weren’t sure what to find. I don’t know, is Thanos’ grave in the photo somewhere and Thanos was the only one killed by the snap? That would be cool, right? Anyway, that’s probably not what we saw in there. Luckily, the eagle (Falcon?) eyed sleuths of Twitter discovered some letters in the photo. Either two A’s, or an A and an E (or two A’s and an E depending on who you take the most seriously), and thus Twitter began wondering about the title.

Avengers Assemble?! Avengers: Endgame?! Avengers: Eternity!? I’ll give some of my own ideas. If it’s AAE, it could b e called Avengers After Eternity, Avengers At Endgame… Alexander Ate Everything. Yeah, is Alexander from “Alexander’s No Good Very Bad Day” in this? Now THAT would be a crossover! Either way, it sounds like we’re going to find out soon, and when we do, I will make sure to report it with the passion a new title necessitates.


Avengers: Articuno’s Evolution? Sure Articuno is a Poke’mon, but a guy can dream. One Twitter user thinks they see the real code though…

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