Influencer Allegedly Cut Out Her Mom’s Heart While She Was Alive

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An Instagram influencer was charged with murdering her mother. She allegedly ripped out her mother’s heart, lungs, and intestines while she was alive. When asked if she had committed the crime by a journalist outside of court she laughed.

What Happened

21-year-old Anna Leikovic from Moldova allegedly used a kitchen knife to stab her mother, Praskovya Leikovic. The mother was still alive when the daughter then continued to cut open her mother at her house.

Leikovic graduated from medical school and had a large following on Instagram. After the crime took place, she was said to have showered and met with her boyfriend afterward as if nothing had happened.

She was arrested and is stated to be the main suspect in the case. When she appeared in court her behavior was concerning to many people. One reported asked her whether or not she was guilty of murdering her mother and she responded by saying, “Goodbye,” while laughing.

Praskovya Leikovic

Local news reported that the mother was coming home from work responsibilities in Germany when she found that her daughter was taking drugs. After suspecting this, she arranged for her daughter to receive treatment for the drug use which is when Anna Leikovic had reportedly gotten angry.

One version from a local news outlet was that the girl’s mother had beaten her over the conflict of drug use and wanted to take her to a drug treatment clinic. Some people are speculating that the girl was framed or dragged into the murder because of a possible drug situation gone wrong.


Leikovic’s uncle Vladimir said told a local news reporter that they were a good family and that Anna had not been put into any rehab. He explained the relationship between Anna and her mother, “Praskovya loved her daughter so much, and she spent as much time with her as she could. It took two hours for the police to tell me Anna is the main suspect.  I could not even imagine this.”

A spokesperson for the police said that Anna is their main suspect, “There is no likelihood of other suspects.”

The motive for such a horrific murder is still unknown and the investigation is still pending.

Anna Leikovic

Since being arrested, Anna has gained over 6,000 followers on Instagram. Her Instagram suggests that she had a fairly wealthy lifestyle. Some have added that from a psychological point of view, to cut organs out of any body let alone a loved one is a serious act. Leikovic allegedly cut out the heart of her own mother which had people questioning her moral principles and overall values.


Her actions in court can be seen as a lack of remorse and not the actions of someone who wants to prove their innocence. She was seen lying down on a bench picking her nails, standing up on the bench, and making gestures like the peace sign. When reporters approached her she laughed and continued laughing until she was escorted out of the courtroom.

Twitter’s Reaction 

Although she has gained followers, her comment section is flooded with hate comments from people disgusted by the act that she is accused of. There are thousands of comments calling her a murderer and saying things like she should’ve been aborted when her mother was pregnant.

One comment that received thousands of likes, noted this situation as a perfect example as to why ‘influencers’ should not be idolized on social media. She explained that these people are still strangers online. “This is why you don’t idolize these strangers and “influencers” on social media. Some of these people are psychos, drug addicts, rapist, pedos, all the while trying to present to the average person what a successful lifestyle looks like. I hope she rots in jail,” 112nickev commented under one of Anna’s posts. 

This user decided to create a meme about the situation.

Many users were in utter shock to hear about Anna Leikovic’s case.

CW: Offensive Language

Another noted that Anna did that all while her mother was still alive.

Anna’s father, Vasily Aladov is reported to be a wealthy landowner. He ran for governor in Gagauzia in 2019 but lost the race. Some people suspected that he might have been involved in the drug use but there’s no evidence to back up the assumptions. He has not been implicated in the crime and his relationship with his daughter or her upbringing is unclear.

The case is still under investigation. Officials are looking into the motive for the horrific murder but as previously mentioned a police spokesperson has told reporters that Anna is their main suspect.


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