Ingham Family Dropped by Management, Twitter Following Scandal

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People all over social media have been campaigning for the Ingham family to be banned from the video sharing site YouTube after information came out that Chris Ingham hit on a sixteen year old at Disney World earlier this year.

Around a month ago, a 16-year-old girl named Jess, released direct messages between her, and a member of popular YouTube family, the Ingham Family. Chris Ingham and his family have tried to deny the accusations, saying in a statement released by Ingham and his management team, “We are all very hurt and deeply upset by these cynical attempts to damage Chris’ reputation and will take whatever steps are necessary to preserve Chris’ good name. We are taking action and can’t comment further at this time.”

Further to these accusations, there have been significant updates in the family’s life, which have meant that this situation has taken a turn for the worst. Currently, the family’s Twitter account has been suspended, in the hope that it will prevent people talking about them, and of course, protecting the family from comments. However, people are saying that this isn’t enough, as the family will continue to lurk on Twitter, and will comment on what other people are saying.

Many people on Twitter have also commented on how disgusted they are that YouTube hasn’t played any role in this situation and have not taken any action to prevent children from watching their videos. People are suggesting that their YouTube account should have been banned or suspended, but there has been no advance on this.


However, due to the family’s YouTube channel still being active, Chris Ingham’s wife, Sarah Ingham, made a video to announce that she is pregnant again. But the trust has been damaged, and many viewers think that Sarah is possibly fabricating the pregnancy in order to shift the attention away from a negative situation.


They have also been dropped by their management company, Viral Talent, and have also been forced to close down their merchandise website, causing many orders and refunds to be processed.

If you didn’t think it could get any worse from the Ingham, then you’re wrong – the family have also been forced to take their children out of private school, due to them being bullied for their father’s actions, and they have also had to sell their house, due to their address being leaked, causing people to visit their property, therefore making it unsafe for them and especially their children.

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