Instagram Prankster Doogang3x SETS OFF FIREWORKS In A Dollar Tree?!

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An Instagram prankster lit off fireworks in a Florida Dollar Tree on the 4th of July…then realized it was probably not the best idea.

Doogang3x has 186,000 followers on Instagram, though following the fireworks stunt, his account has now been set to private. Doogang uploaded the video to Instagram, though it doesn’t appear to be an effective prank. An employee can be seen pretty much ignoring him.

At the end of the video he seems to realize that setting off fireworks next to a big cardboard box is a recipe for disaster, so he jumps to get that thing out of the way.

That said, Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue was unable to confirm if the fire department was dispatched to the Dollar Tree or if @cossettemariee’s tweet was related to the Doogang incident.

According to Miami-Dade police, however, Doogang was gone by the time they showed up, and they’re looking for him, as he could face arson-related charges. Doogang himself seems to be good-humored about his antics.

He retweeted an article from the Miami New Times that called him “an extremely low-rent version of YouTube prank stars such as Jake and/or Logan Paul.”


Though that seems like not-a-terrible description.

One of his other videos for example, shows him pretending to have a seizure in a Little Caesar’s, and there’s one where he blasts an airhorn inside of an Arby’s.

One of the hallmarks of his videos is how the employees in these places routinely ignore him as he’s pulling these pranks. My guess is he’s just doing them all the time and they know it’s no big deal.

One of his most common pranks is the “Where’s Chris Challenge,” which he performed in several of his first videos on YouTube. That prank involves going into public places and pretending to have lost his son Chris.

Right now, he still has fewer than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, so he’s probably focusing on his far-more-robust Instagram audience.

What do you guys think? Was Doogang’s stunt in the Dollar Tree funny or dangerous? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.


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