Tenacious D vs Mouse Rat...

With the beloved Jack Black dancing to the WAP on TikTok during quarantine and giving us a reason to laugh again, and Chris Pratt being voted as the worst Hollywood Chris, these two iconic actors have been trending on Twitter this year. Today has been no exception. Twitter is having a Civil War over Chris Pratt and Jack Black after one Twitter user posted a hilariously debatable statement saying, “Jack Black could replace Chris Pratt in anything that clown has ever been in.”

This simple opinion tweet has the internet torn. Could Jack Black really play Peter Quill in Guardians of The Galaxy? Or Owen Grady on Jurassic Park? Well we will leave it up to Twitter who had some strong opinions on this one.

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Jack Black Is A Fan Favorite 

Trin on Twitter said, “jack black could do guardians of the galaxy but Chris Pratt could not do kung fu panda.”

Trin has a point there… Could you imagine any BUT Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda?

This Twitter user went as far as to say, “jack black is actually more believable as a sex symbol than Chris Pratt.” #DADBODS4EVER

Owen said, “Could you imagine how much better the Jurassic World movies would be?”

Bradey said, “Jack Black could have been Star Lord, but Chris Pratt could not have been Nacho Libre. I can’t explain why, but it’s true.” And we can totally see it.

Chris Pratt Fans Are Here

While most of Twitter was very open to Jack Black remaking every. single. Chris Pratt role, Pratt’s fans just could not see any play his roles except him. They also took to Twitter to defend Chris Pratt’s roles including Andy from Parks and Rec.

Cameron on Twitter said, “Wrong. No one could have played Andy the way Chris Pratt did in Parks and Rec. He fit the role perfectly.” Pratt did nail the character of Andy in Parks and Rec. Imagine Aubrey Plaza and Jack Black? We just don’t see it.

This Twitter user said, “Terrible take of the day, although Jack Black is awesome, such a bad take.”

Juan wrote, “Negative. Chris Pratt could do School of Rock and Tenacious D, but Jack Black can’t be Andy Dwyer or Star-Lord. Then again Chris Pratt couldn’t do Bernie. Maybe we shouldn’t compare the two just because they’re both goofy white guys”

A Third Angle

What other angle could there possibly be to this argument? Well some Twitter users think Jack Black deserves every role… ever.

Bambi said, “Jack Black should just replace everyone in every movie.”

Sarah hopped into Twitter to say, “Jack Black could probably replace anyone, tbh. His range is incredible and he has no shame.” Okay, but imagine Jack Black as Noah in The Notebook or as Jack from the Titanic.

This hilarious point of view is something we can get behind.

Marvel Co-Stars

Remember when Twitter voted Chris Pratt the worst Hollywood Chris because he did not attend Presidential-Elect, Joe Biden’s, fundraiser along with his other Marvel co-stars? His comrades came to defend him in early November and Twitter is now making memes about them coming to his defense again after the viral Tweet about Jack Black.

Kendall on Twitter shared this hilarious meme saying, “STOP trending chris pratt I don’t want to see tweets from his marvel co-stars defending his mediocre ass again”

This Twitter user said, “Chris Pratt coworkers finna rush over here to tell is how good of a person he is again?”

Kristin Chirico, of Buzzfeed, also got in on the fun with her tweet saying, “Jack Black Please Don’t Ruin This Moment By Making A Statement In Defense Of Chris Pratt Challenge 2k20.”

We will not hold our breaths for Jack Black to re-shoot every Chris Pratt movie, but we love watching Twitter hash out these strong opinions.