Jake Paul defeats former NBA star Nate Robinson in a boxing match

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YouTube star Jake Paul knocked out former NBA star Nate Robinson in a boxing match and it sent the entire Internet into an uproar. The fight took place Saturday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Paul fought on the undercard of Mike Tyson’s return versus Roy Jones Jr.

It was in the second round of the match where 23-year-old Paul knocked out 36-year-old Robinson. Robinson was knocked out with a right cross that left him face down to the ground. Paul has been training for boxing matches since it’s something he wants to make a career out of. 

In recent years, Jake Paul has taken on a new title besides social media influencer: professional boxer. He made his professional debut in January of this year, defeating YouTuber AnEsonGib in the first round. In May, former NBA star Nate Robinson called Jake Paul out, claiming that he knows he can beat Jake. By July, the fight had been finalized and Paul and Robinson would fight in the undercard to Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. fight. 

At the beginning of the match Robinson started a bit heated. Paul remained calm and stayed in control as he threw eight punches, knocking out Robison once in the first round and twice in the second round. Robinson struggled getting up. Jake was declared the winner of the match. The match was well played but that didn’t stop people from making jokes about the match on Twitter starting with Snoop Dog.


Twitter users were making fun of how easily Robinson was knocked out and mocking the recaps.



Even former and current NBA athletes commented on Robinson’s boxing match.

Former Celtics and Thunder center Kendrick Perkins was sad after he seemed excited for the match. Perkins tweeted before: “Ready to see if Nate Robinson going to address Jake Paul like the numbers on a house tonight!!!” Following up with his reactions at the end of the match.

Current Philadelphia Seventy Sixers star Joel Embiid said, “NIGHT NIGHT.” Twitter user added on to Embiid’s tweet.


Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal reacted to a meme that used a picture of himself with the caption, “Nate after getting rocked.” 

Beal continued making jokes about the boxing match and fans were loving it.

Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry was rooting for Robinson. Before the fight began Curry tweeted “Let’s go Nate. Hold it down.” Nate replied by saying, “Gonna shock the world bro. Steph came back to that tweet at the end of the fight and said, “I see no lies”

Sports personality Shannon Sharpe tweeted “Nate was suppose to do this for the culture tho. Where do we go from here?”

Sharpe responded to a tweet which represents him trolling the fight.

Comments joking about the fight continue.

People online even started a trend called the “Nate Robinson Challenge” where they posted pictures of themselves on the ground as if they were knocked out like Robinson was.


TMZ reported  “After the fight, Paul praised Nate during a post-fight interview with Jim Gray … ‘He was better than I expected … I wanted to say thank you to Nate,’”

Robinson thanked everyone who wished him luck on his Instagram post.

“Thank you everyone for all of the well wishes, I’m OK. I appreciate @triller for the opportunity as well as everyone that has backed me during the fight. To my coaches, trainers, fans, and teammates, I appreciate all of the time and support you guys put in with me…it wasn’t the outcome that we wanted, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to fight on the biggest stage that there has been.”

Paul plans on pursuing a boxing career. He even called out MMA fighters Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis as one of his next opponents, claiming that he will knock both of them out.

Dillon Danis responded to the callout in a tweet, saying “You just fought a retired NBA reject. Be careful what you wish for little guy.” 

People are talking about if Paul will be able to take down both McGregor and Danis.

Someone tweeted this photo with the caption, “Yeah why don’t we resurrect Muhammad Ali while we’re at it?”


People think Paul is crazy for calling out and thinking he can defeat both McGregor and Danis. They think Paul is going to get himself beaten.

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