James Charles Claps Back At Criticism For Vogue Cover

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James Charles beautifully styled his cover of the November Portugal edition of Vogue magazine. We have been seeing a lot of James Charles, whether he is at the heart of publicized drama or getting closer with TikTok stars, he is good at staying in the limelight. Coming from the beauty community on YouTube, Charles has quite the resume. From his makeup tutorials and channel merchandise, to hosting his own YouTube Original show, the YouTuber can now add being on the cover of a Vogue magazine to his list of accomplishments. And he was quick to clap back at those who once laughed at him. 

James Charles

James Charles’s self styled cover of Vogue Portugal has officially deemed that he has “made it” in terms of his career as an American internet personality and make up artist. He rose to internet stardom from his beauty YouTube channel, where he has been successfully showcasing extravagant makeup looks since 2015. At only 21 years old, Charles is the top beauty guru on YouTube with a little over 23 million subscribers. Being so young and in the spotlight can be a potential combination for disaster when it comes to petty drama and controversy. Charles is not unfamiliar with his share of drama. He is famously known for being heavily criticized by Tati Westbrook for being manipulative, which cost him many followers. After Charles made an equally long video showing proof defending himself against the claims made, Westbrook accused Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson for manipulating her into making the original accusatory video. But the negative drama hasn’t stopped Charles from following his dreams and growing his career. 


The Styling

James Charles is the first influencer to grace the cover of a Vogue magazine. The only other influencer-esque person to be featured in Vogue before was Italian fashion blogger and entrepreneur, Chiara Ferragni, who was on the cover of Vogue Spain’s April edition in 2015. Charles’ debut on the cover of Vogue Portugal is significant as he is paving the way for other influencers, normalizing them as a new tier of celebrity. 

The Portugal November issue is titled, “The Beauty of Imperfection.” And not only is he just being featured on the cover, but Charles shared that he did his own makeup and hair looks for the momentous occasion. 

There will be two covers available featuring two different makeup looks, both styled by James. The first look is more of an abstract natural look featuring smeared bright pink lipstick and Charles’ freckles. A streak of blue down his nose and bright sunset looking eyeshadow. 


The second makeup look is a more done-up glam look that focuses on the rainbow eyeshadow, star glitter, big lashes and a bright red lip. 

James Charles’ issue of Vogue Portugal will be released on November 6th in store which includes an image spread and lots of interviews according to James Charles. 

Every copy will also include a poster. Preorders of the magazine are available now. 


Support and Criticism

Fans, recognizing how monumental a Vogue cover is, are excited for James Charles and showered the influencer with support on Twitter. 



His supporters are proud to see him living out his dreams and being so successful.  


Fans truly admire and look up to James Charles. They look to his successful career being his authentic self as inspiration, going from the first male to be featured on the cover of Covergirl and is now onto Vogue less than four years later. 

But some are criticizing the influencer for pettily bringing back an old tweet from June.

Others also question the title of the feature, “The Beauty of Imperfection,” because Charles has been known for editing his images. 

The make up looks featured on the cover are also getting some heat, this Twitter user claims Charles’ looks are unoriginal. 

People are also unimpressed with Vogue for choosing a white cisgender male and wish the company would feature more diversity on their covers. 

So while this may have been groundbreaking for influencers, it didn’t do much to highlight diversity in terms of gender or race.

Despite criticism, the support and pride expressed by James Charles’ fans for his Vogue cover announcement go to show how inspirational he has been to his fanbase. The Vogue Portugal cover is a huge step for his career and secures a status of importance. But not only is it a huge step for him personally, but this cover is also spearheading the path for other influencers and internet personalities. Charles is bridging the gap between online personalities and professional celebrities. Behind us are the days of only A list actors and models gracing the cover of high end fashion magazines, the influencer wave is officially taking over. 

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