Jeffree Star CLAPS BACK at 10-Year-Old Mason Disick After “Spoiled” Comment

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So it looks like there is a bit of a feud happening between 10-year old Mason Disick and Jeffree Star? Yeah, 2020 has been strange and it looks like it’s not stopping there.

Now Mason Disick is the son of none other than Courtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. The two who have become widely popular thanks to the show Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Mason has been in the press due to the show as well. 

Recently, Mason has been going live on Instagram which has gotten him in quite some trouble we must admit. Just the other week, he stirred up some controversy for the KUWTK series when he admitted on one Instagram live that Travis and Kylie were no longer together. 

So because of all of this, Courtney actually took away his Instagram privileges. She claimed that it was a private account originally but he somehow managed to turn it back to public. Anyway, I’m sure Kris Jenner and her PR team were scrambling. Mason was actually online with social media star Addison Rae. 

Well, somehow James Charles hopped on the livestream, most assumably because he just did Addison’s makeup for a video on his channel. But he kept asking who Mason’s favorite Beauty Guru was, but his question wasn’t seen by either of them. Finally Addison broke the ice and asked him straight up, to which his response was of course James Charles.  James then commented “LOVE U MASON” just when this comment about Jeffree Star came in.

The internet is kind of up in arms for not only that comment, but people are wondering if there was any foul play involved. One tweet read “is it just me or did it seem like James was saying he loved mason BECAUSE of the Jeffree comment… or was it just a coincidence.. Hmm..”


Alas, Jeffree Star saw a tweet ABOUT the entire conversation which said “Now Mason Disick has done another live and threw some shade at Jeffree Star by calling him ‘spoiled’ LMAO who knew 2020 was the year he would start to become my fave Karjenner kid?!

That comment obviously didn’t sit well with Jeffree and wouldn’t with anyone honestly.  So he responded with “I had $500 in my bank account six year ago… Maybe he’s confused his own privilege versus mine being self made, hopefully his father can educate him soon!” 

A lot of people had some things to say about this. Some fan responses include, Mason made insta, confirm kylie and travis ain’t back together, called jeffree spoiled,  went live on tiktok and called out kourtney for deleting his insta .. dude is 10 years old and already gives no shit about kris rules.” Another said, “Mason isn’t supposed to be having a phone at the age 10 anyways.” To even this one being “Mason is a brat. 10 years old and trash talking on social media? Guess Kourtney’s mothering is teaching him to be a bully.”

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