Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but wigs hurt too

Just last month, after YouTube and social media personality, Trisha Paytas, posted a video about the verbal abuse and bullying she received from celebrity wig stylist, Hair by Jay. In a live in January, Hair by Jay went on a rant about Paytas, that sent her into tears. The stylist called her a “walrus,” “fat,” and “full of warts,” along with many other derogatory comments surrounding Paytas weight, skin, and substance abuse struggles.

The Backstory

Hair By Jay is known for fitting and designing wigs for Hollywood’s most elite, including Kylie Jenner, Nikita Dragon, and Paytas’ former friend, Jeffree Star. The beauty guru and makeup brand owner, Star, apparently contributed the bullying of Trisha Paytas, as Hair by Jay pointed out stating that Star had said, in a private conversation, that Paytas’ weight caused problems with her brain and that “maybe she does need to go on a diet.”

Jeffree’s Reaction

Jeffree Star, attempted to save face by tweeting out that he was “horrified” by the words said by Hair by Jay in a series of tweets responding to concerned fans.

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When a fan tweeted out that she was disappointed that Star would associate with someone like Jay, Star quote tweeted with “I’ve been in Wyoming and had no idea what was going on, just catching up now and I am horrified by what he said. Let’s not pretend I had any part in that.”

In a following tweet, Star wrote, “Exactly. I’ve already said my piece to her and if she ever wants to call or text me back, she will. What Jay said on live was f*cking disgusting and does not reflect how I’ve ever felt. I shouldn’t have to say that but I’m screaming it.”

A couple days later, Jeffree Star attempted to affirm his position in the drama, as team Paytas, with a simple, funny good morning tweet. “Goooood morning to everyone except the guy that used to do my hair.”

Forgive and Forget?

So all is forgiven between Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas, right? Wrong. While Jeffree Star claimed to have left Hair by Jay in the past, his latest instagrams are making us scratch our heads. Check out this one from less than two weeks after the drama occurred:

Star can be seen sporting a long, wavy blonde wig, which he attributes to Hair by Jay in the caption. That does not seem like good friendship solidarity to us.

Just this morning, Star posted another photo with ta Hair by Jay wig and fans are confused.

It almost seems as though Jeffree “canceling” Hair by Jay was to get Trisha Paytas’ fans off of his back. He jumped right back into Jay’s wigs as soon as the dust settled.

The language that Hair by Jay and Jeffree Star used while speaking about Trisha Paytas was unacceptable and fans are not letting this one slide. What is your take on the issue? Could you forgive someone for calling your best friend a “full of warts walrus?” We would have to pass.