Jeffree Star Responds to Nasty TikTok Rumors

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By now most people know the name Jeffree Star. Whether you were a fan of his music in the days or MySpace, you’re a fan of his YouTube content in the early days, his makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics,  or only discovered him after his collaboration with Shane Dawson most people have a vague understanding of the name. Recently Jeffree Star put out a video addressing rumors that have been circulating amidst the latest of several scandals Jeffree Star has been involved in.

But before we dive into that let’s take a quick look at how we got here. It seems as though at least once a year there is a huge controversy and one way or another the name Jeffree Star gets tied to it. For any other YouTuber having their name so heavily tied to the idea of scandal and controversy would be a death sentence, but for Jeffree, he continues to thrive regardless of the controversy he is surrounded with.

We would need an encyclopedic amount of space to break down every single Jeffree Star allegation that has come onto the internet, and let’s face it, somehow most of the events that happened pre 2018 feel almost irrelevant when talking about the superstar. 

Jeffree Star got his start in the music industry in the early 2000’s. He was featured on Warped Tour several times and was an icon for the emo-pop-punk scene. During his time in the music industry there were several clips recorded of Jeffree saying things that were racist and downright problematic. But not a ton of people know about them. Why? Because Jeffree Star has a wicked good PR team and a diehard fan base that is all too forgiving of his past flaws. 

Over the course of the beginning of his career in the YouTube space Star began creating beauty-centric content for YouTube and later going on to launch his own makeup line, Jeffree Star cosmetics. Fans from his music career followed the star to YouTube and after collaborating with all of the right people Jeffree continued to gain a cult following of beauty fans. 

Then there was the Tati Westbrook Shane Dawson James Charles video and drama. This was when Tati released a video called “Bye Sister”. This was Tati calling out James Charles for alleged predatory behavior. This was right after Shane Dawson released his first mini series called “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”. Tati and James lose millions of subscribers and dollars but Jeffree remains on top with another apology. He will never do it again. He is unequivocally against racism and predatory behavior and all of those behaviors were just “the old Jeffree”

A year later the newest piece of drama arises and Jeffree Star is still untouchable. Even now after a new TikTok was released with screenshots of Jeffree in a fan DM’s in Minnesota Jeffree is not losing subscribers. The answer to the phenomenon seems completely unknown. How can someone be so successful while being so endowed with controversy?


I certainly don’t know but what do y’all think? Let us know in the comments down below.

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