Just when we thought drama with Star had settled down after everything this summer…

YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star accused his boyfriend of stealing from him earlier this week, but yesterday an explosive investigative piece from Insider revealed many sexual assault accusations against Star. The internet wonders if the stealing scandal was just to get sympathy before the sexual assault scandals got out.

Relationship with Marhold

In late August, Star went public with his new boyfriend, professional basketball player, Andre Marhold.

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The internet was not too happy with the relationship to say the least. People attacked the relationship, wondering how Marhold, a Black man, could be with Star, someone who has been racist in the past. The internet accused the relationship of being fake for this reason. On top of that, many people also thought Marhold was still married to a woman, so that encouraged a lot of hate as well. But regardless of all the hate the new relationship brought, Jeffree Star seemed happy. 

Stealing Accusation

But behind the happy facade put on for social media, the relationship might not have been all that the makeup guru was pretending it was. On Wednesday, Star left an aggressive comment on one of Marhold’s Instagram photos because apparently the basketball player wasn’t answering his phone. The comment read, “hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back that you stole from my house?? What kind of lowlife f**king scum does that? Give it back!!!! If you need a return label, just ask.” Marhold’s Instagram has been deactivated since, but Hip Magazine screenshot the comment, seen below. 

Star then posted a story to his own account that read, “everytime I start trusting someone God slap the back of my neck with a scandal.” He also explains the situation from his perspective on his story. 

All photos of the couple have been taken off Star’s Instagram account, officially signaling that the relationship has been called off. The one photo of Marhold still on Star’s page is the first picture he ever posted of the two of them, where Marhold’s face is covered. Comments have been disabled from the photo. 


Reactions and Marhold’s Side Of The Story

On Twitter, people are making light of the stealing situation. 

It is hard for people to have sympathy for the makeup mogul because of his racist tendencies. Especially when he is so rich, and did admit that he didn’t really care about the value of the stolen items, he could rebuy them all tomorrow.  

But shortly after Star told his side of the story, Marhold began threatening to expose Star! CW: Contains offensive language. 

It is unclear whether or not this account actually belongs to Marhold. But whoever the account belongs to, desperately wants to expose Star. 

Break ups seldom are easy, but seems like there is a lot more to this story than we originally thought. But let’s put a pin in this scandal for a moment and turn our attention to the the OTHER unfolding Jeffree Star scandal; the sexual assault one.


Sexual And Physical Assaults Exposed 

An investigative piece from Insider came out on Thursday exposing that Star has a history of sexual assault, physical violence and paying people “hush money.” 

The article details how during the height of his MySpace fame, Star would sexually “prey on men around him,” and would physically assault them if his sexual favors were turned down. The article also discusses instances where Star performed sexual activities without his partner’s consent. The author of the article, Kat Tenbarge, spoke with many of Star’s former friends and associates, all of who claim to have seen many of these incidents first hand. Star’s lawyer has repeatedly denied any claims of sexual assault and physical violence in the past, but it is unclear how they will handle the case this time with so many witnesses coming forward. 


Nobody is shocked by any of this. One Twitter user said, “this feels very on-brand for him, honestly.”

Nobody is shocked over the hush money, either. And it doesn’t really help his case that Star was going on about how he can easily rebuy all the designer things that he had stolen. 

People are hypothesizing that Star tried to make the robbery scandal into something bigger than it was in order to gain sympathy before this more explosive scandal was leaked. 

And lastly, some Twitter users are pointing out the similarities between James Charles and Jeffree Star, accusing Star of having been projecting onto his younger peer this summer.

At this point, people are just really over Jeffree Star. 

And so there we have it. After a month of silence from the makeup guru, we now have two Jeffree Star scandals within 24 hours. This is certainly a lot for Star’s lawyers to deal with and it will be interesting to continue to watch it unfold.