John Krasinski ‘Sells Out’ to CBS

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On the first episode of John Krasinski’s hit web series ‘Some Good News’, he asked why there was not a show dedicated completely to GOOD news. Now, after 8 episodes and millions of views, media giant Viacom (who owns CBS) has acquired a license for the show after a ‘massive bidding war’ according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Some Good News was created by John Krasinski in an attempt to help people cope with the constant barrage of bad news in the midst of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SGN Prom (image courtesy of Youtube)

Krasinki’s show brought joy to millions acquiring  71,715,041 total views as of May 24. The show was to continue to showcase the good that was happening in these dark and uncertain times. Each episode brought together dozens of celebrity guests and new special features or performances every week.  Guests included, but were not limited to, The Jonas Brothers, Lin Manuel Miranda, Emily Blunt, The cast of The Office, and more. 

Daveed Diggs, Leslie Odom Jr., Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Anthony Ramos (image courtesy of Youtube)

Krasinski surprised a couple with a Zoom wedding, brought together the original broadway cast of Hamilton to surprise a young theatergoer who missed out on the show due to the broadway shut down, held Zoom prom, and even a  Zoom graduation with speakers Steven Speilberg, John Stewart, and Oprah. Needless to say he succeeded in bringing the good news for the first few weeks of this pandemic. 


Shortly after the last episode was released CBS announced that it had licensed the show in an effort to continue to bring the good news, and would be moving the show off Youtube, and giving it a new host. Krasinski confirmed the news on Twitter. 


And as soon as it was officially announced and confirmed people were not pleased. Immediately Krasinski was labeled a “sellout” 


What do you think about this situation? Would you label this as selling out? Do you think CBS will keep the same SGN format so many know and love? Sound off below!


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