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John Mulaney in his own words “means a whole lot to very few people”. I, a humble What's Trending intern,  am one of those few people.

John Mulaney in his own words “means a whole lot to very few people”. I, a humble What’s Trending intern,  am one of those few people. Now I understand that he is not for everyone but for those of you who have either never heard of or never seen a John Mulaney special I HIGHLY recommend it (they’re almost all on Netflix). In a time of uncertainty if you need to take a break for your mental health… they were certainly the break I needed. But Other than his comedy here is a fun list of some of the reasons why I think he’s great. 

The TikToks Made about him are INCREDIBLE

Just watch this one! 

He’s not afraid to get a little political in his comedy

There’s a HORSE loose in the HOSPITAL!!

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He has hosted SNL three times and all three times have been delightful 

The Lobster Diner, The Airport Sushi, The Bodega Bathroom, The Admiral, and more.  I could do a whole article just ranking his SNL sketches! 

His friendship with Pete Davidson is just wholesome

They even went on tour together!! 

His dog is adorable 

Her name is Petunia, she is a tiny french bulldog, and she is my hero. Her Instagram account is @laviepetunia 

Mulaney and Tendler at their wedding [Image via Instagram]
His wife is incredible 

Having a famous husband has not stopped Anamarie Tendler-Mulaney from kicking a$$ on her own. She is a makeup artist, designs and creates handmade victorian lampshades, and is a twice published author. 


He’s great with kids!

Evidence: John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch. An hour-long children’s comedy special written for children by an adult featuring  15 kids between the ages of 8 and 13. It also featured Tony Award winner Andre DeShields, Annaleigh Ashford, and Jake Gyllenhaal. 


He’s great with old people…? 

….well maybe not John, but George St. Geegland and his partner in crime Gil Faizon are a hit at every party that they attend. George and Gil even have a podcast covering the death of Princess Diana with guest stars like Lin Manuel Miranda, Pete Davidson, and more.  

He gives great relationship advice 

Relationships should make you feel better about yourself! That’s not a joke, it’s just a funny thing that he realized when he married his wife. And why buy the cow? Because you LOVE her

Last and dare I say the most importantly… 
He is not taking shit from Bill de Blasio and is using his platform to amplify the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

John and his wife have been spotted repeatedly over the past few days at the Black Lives Matter protests in New York. He is using his platform of 1.7 Million Instagram and 1.3 Million Twitter followers to amplify the voices that count in the Black Lives Matter Movement.