Jonah Hill Had the BEST Comeback to Internet TROLL

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Writer, actor, and director Jonah Hill is receiving praise for his recent response to an Instagram troll. After posting a photo of a fan’s rendering of a movie poster for Hill’s film, Mid90s, an Instagram user sounded off in the comments.

“You were a fat nerd when you were a kid and the fact you think you were a skater isn’t being true to yourself. Embrace that you were a dork and be real.”

Instead of firing back, Hill took a different approach in responding, saying:

“I was both. That is being true to myself. This is just a poster I appreciated from someone who enjoyed our film. I can tell you’re in a lot of pain. That must feel shi**y. Hit me up if you need someone to talk to. Anger is just sadness held in to [sic] long. I’m here for you dude.”

Hill went even further by posting on Instagram about the incident. He expressed his interest in creating a volunteer program that could offer counseling services to people in need of help.

“I see a lot of anger on here. At first it sucks to read and then I realize it’s just the pain of that person repackaged and redirected. I want to keep my word to offer to talk to people in pain and will donate as much of my free time to this as possible… maybe some of you can help me start something for real. If anyone has any experience with this kind of thing maybe we can start a service and all volunteer?”


This type of response is rare and admirable. The internet would probably be a much kinder place if we all had the same mindset as Jonah Hill. Hopefully Mr. Hill will be successful in establishing this service.

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