Jouaqin Phoenix In New JOKER Make-Up: REVEALED

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It’s been a huge week for weird comic book news. We’ve revealed Batman’s dick, Captain Marvel being a dick (punching an old lady!? Tisk tisk! I don’t care if she is probably a Skrull!) and now Hangover director Todd Phillips revealed the first look of famous comic book dick (that fits, right?), The Joker in his make up, as played by Joaquin Phoenix. Check it out below. It’s a new take on the world famous crime clown, and one that we are sure is going to have fans talking just because of just how much different this version is.

So there we are! We see the new Joaquin Phoenix looking off with that creepy, greasy far away look, before finally being splattered in the new make up of the character and it’s — traditional clown make up? Huh! Not the regular white face with red lipstick and green hair I guess. This doesn’t feel like a DC movie yet… and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe we’re getting an art house style movie that is only very tangentially related to the Joker himself.

In which case– that’s really cool! We can’t wait!

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