Inspired by their song 'Holy,' Justin and Chance gave away $250K.

Justin Bieber’s “bad boy” reputation is officially put to rest as he made some ‘Changes’ and is now utilizing his platform to encourage fans to spread kindness – especially during these difficult times.

After dropping his new song ‘Holy’ featuring Chance The Rapper, Bieber and Chance teamed up with CashApp to give away $250,000 to those who are struggling from the current pandemic. 

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The Music Video

Last week, Bieber and Chance released the ‘Holy’ music video where Bieber placed himself in the shoes of millions of people all over the world.

At the beginning of the video, Bieber and his fictional wife are seen in their working class jobs and are content as they have a strong bond and community. But everything comes crashing down as Bieber loses his job – a scene too many have experienced in real life.

Because Bieber cannot pay rent, he and his music video wife are evicted from their apartment and become homeless. However, the couple’s spirits are lifted when a solider returning home to his family offers to give them a ride and a warm meal. At the man’s home, the couple’s frowns turn into smiles and laughter as the man welcomes them into his family. 

This video was very impactful because it allows people to relate with what the couple has gone through as well as motivating others to show the same kindness the soldier did for the couple.

Fans Share Their Stories

Wanting to do as they preached, Bieber and Chance started #JBChanceHoly on Instagram and Twitter to allow those severely affected by the pandemic to share their stories for a chance to win $500 from a $250,000 fund. 

This opportunity led thousands of people to flock to social media and open up about their struggles with the pandemic – in hopes that Bieber and Chance will help them leap over their obstacles.

About the Winners

Because so many people hopped onto the hashtag to share their adversities, unfortunately, Bieber and Chance could not help everyone. However, there were still a lot of people who were noticed by the public figures and given a significant amount of money.

One person who was gifted $500 is a woman struggling to pay for her college tuition while tackling the hardships of owning her own nail and esthetics business during the pandemic.


Because she is a huge Bieber fan, she decided to sell ‘Holy’ themed acrylics to help make ends meet.

After being rewarded with $500, Chance The Rapper retweeted her tweet of thanking the rapper for her gift.


Another recipient of the cash prize is a man who shared his story on how he and his girlfriend are expecting twins but are homeless and in desperate need of some financial assistance to help support his family.

A familiar face to Bieber also won the cash prize as their father was featured in the ‘Stuck With U’ music video, but have been fighting to stay afloat after their father passed away with COVID-19 and their stepmother losing her job.


Bieber and Chance also helped a woman who had multiple brain surgeries due to an aneurysm and is unable to pay her medical bills.

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These are just some who have received monetary gifts from the artists as many others are sharing their appreciation for Bieber’s and Chance’s kindness.


During these rough times, Bieber and Chance are exhibiting the importance of lending a hand to those who are in need. Every person has their own story – whether it be losing their job or struggling to balance school and family life – and so many are distressed. Bieber and Chance gave people the opportunity to share their stories and make their lives a little bit easier, and we should follow in Bieber’s and Chance’s footsteps in spreading kindness.

What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber ‘s and Chance The Rapper’s efforts to spread kindness? Did it work? What are some steps you can take to help those who are going through hard times?