K-Pop Fans Co-Opt #WhiteLivesMatter

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In response to the continuing prevalence of the Black Lives Matter movement and protests happening all across the United States white supremacists are taking to social media. But their efforts were interrupted by K-Pop stans everywhere. 

In response to “Blackout Tuesday” (June 2, 2020), a day of a media silence that was promoted by the music industry in an effort to disrupt the work week and amplify the voices of black creators, those who opposed created #WhiteOutWednesday (June 3, 2020) to share their continued displeasure with the movement. But the folks on Twitter were not about to let hate and white supremacy run rampant across the platform. 


#WhiteOutWednesday and #WhiteLivesMatter were still trending this morning but not for the reasons that it was originally created for. Initially intended for the dissemination of hate and racism the hashtag was co-opted by K-Pop fans. Instead, K-Pop fans took to posting anything from fun nonsense memes to content in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and resources for those protesting across the United States. 


If a Twitter user clicks on #WhiteLivesMatter they are going to have to do some serious scrolling to try and find anything in actual support of the movement. Most of the feed is now full of memes and K-Pop fans showing their support for the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement. 


Some posts were met with confusion, mostly from those who weren’t in on the joke and were looking for actual #WhiteLivesMatter content. But for the most part, the posting was met with fierce approval from the community. 


We are not entirely sure why K-Pop stans decided to co-opt the #WhiteLivesMatter movement. But we sure were pleasantly surprised, along with many Twitter users, when we saw what was really trending. Later in the day, the movement of memes and K-Pop was expanded to include #BlueLivesMatter and #MAGA. 

What are your thoughts on this? Why the K-Pop Stans?

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