Kanye Premieres Bizarre New Music Video: “I Love It” with Lil Pump

Kanye West released a new music video for his collaboration with Lil' Pump, titled "I Love It". The video, directed by Kanye West and Amanda Adelson and produced by Spike Jonze, shows Kanye West and Lil' Pump wearing huge blocks suits, following Adele Givens down a hallway.
By Alex Firer

During Kanye’s bizarre turn producing the PornHub awards, he happened to produce maybe the most pornographic thing of them all: a new Kanye West video! The video is for a new track, a collaboration between Kanye and Lil’ Pump titled “I Love It”. The video, produced by Spike Jonze, and directed by Kanye West and Amanda Adelson, includes influences from the world of stand up, The Talking Heads, and so much more that is sure to be annotated in the days ahead. The video is bookended by a performance from Amanda Adelson and excitingly enough includes a cameo appearance from Kanye’s giant sandals. Check out the video below.

The video shows Adele Givens talking about the importance of getting an orgasm as a woman, portraying the men who can’t give one to her as almost childlike. We then cut to Kanye and Lil’ Pump walking behind Adele Givens, fetishizing her, saying that they love that she’s a ho, and then giving the pornographic descriptions of the things they love. Of course their confidence is immediately shrunk the moment Adele even looks in their direction, and Kanye shrinks in his massive suit and looks away.

The final shot shows Adele lecturing Kanye and Lil’ Pump about the importance of the female orgasm, and the pair of rapper looks downright tiny where standing next to her — like small children. The video premiered during the Kanye produced PornHub awards, so we have to wonder, is the video a commentary on how we view porn? Absolutely dirty in the moment, but shrinking in shame if a real life woman looks at them? Like small children talking up a big game (Kanye West in a huge block suit talks about adoring such dirty things, but seems bashful the moment someone looks him in the eye), but ultimately just perverts following a woman who has to tell them to actively think about her orgasm.

I’m not sure. But it certainly is interesting and hopefully a sign of a return to form for Kanye West following his “gee, ain’t I a little alt right stinker” phase that I don’t think anyone liked that much.

Look. It’s a cool video.

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