Karen At KFC Goes Viral On TikTok For Face Mask Fight

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Another day, another Karen story. This time, a TikTok video went viral when the local Karen was refused to be served at a KFC for not wearing a face mask. The hangry Karen made sure to show her displeasure for this treatment. 

It all started when the now called “KFC Karen” entered the fast food restaurant without a mask in Fresno, California. Naturally, the employees refused to serve her unless she wore a mask. Just like any other Karen, she made sure to give us an Oscar worthy showcase. First, she started threatening the employees of the restaurant, and then she hopped right on top of the counter screaming, “Give me something to eat! I’m Hungry!”


The baffled employee then asked KFC Karen to calm down, further infuriating her. She goes on to say, “Call the cops then b***h. Do it! Now! I’ll stab you b***h.” As she said this, she made moves towards the employees while clenching her fist as if she is ready to start a fight. 

Things get even more intense when the employee she directed her threats at comes into view. The KFC Karen demanded that the employees give her something to eat. She then repeatedly specified her order as “mashed potatoes, and chicken.” The masked employee politely says, “I can’t, I’ll get fired.” Karen then accuses him of not working there despite his red KFC shirt, and drive-thru headphones.


The employee starts apologizing to the person on hold at the drive-thru when suddenly the KFC Karen turned violent. She kicked a display on the counter, and yelled, “give me something to eat!” He patiently replied, again, “I can’t give you anything to eat. You have to wear a mask.” The enraged woman started swearing, and blasted off the counter towards the exit when a customer in line said, “I have a mask in the car if you want.” Instead of doing the easy thing and borrowing the mask, she immediately refused and described the restaurant as “disgusting.”


To be fair, there is a high possibility of her being a homeless person as this video was from a KFC in California. CBS NEWS reports that LA County saw a surge of homeless population with a staggering 12.7% during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Many people online were also upset by the woman’s behavior. Some poked fun at the fact that she looked like ‘Dora The Explorer’ with her backpack, and hairstyle. Others were quick to point out that she might suffer severe mental illness.

One Twitter user wrote, “Kids, say no to drugs! They affect your behavior and common sense, but above all NEVER CLIMB ON TOP OF A FREAKIN’ KFC COUNTER. No one wants germs from winter boots during summer on their food, crazy Karen!” 

Another tweet reads ‘#Karen the Explorer here went to a Fresno @kfc for some mashed potatoes & chicken but decided to serve up some privilege because anyone else would’ve had behaved like this the cops would’ve been called on them for far lesser offences. But someone will find a way to excuse it.”



One user took advantage of the location, explaining the actual meaning behind the acronym of KFC: “KFC clearly stands for ‘Karen’s f*cking crazy.”


An angry twitter user tweeted, “WHY AREN’T EMPLOYEES dragging these MOFkrs right out the front door? This is automatic assault by Karen… and KFC owners MUST support/protect EMPLOYEES ALREADY.”

Face masks and covering have been a controversial topic in the United States ever since the first nationwide lockdown in March. Nothing seems to infuriate a Karen like a mandatory mask rule. Will fast food workers ever know peace again?

Video Created By:
Anes Hasi

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