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“Who runs the world?” … KARENS!

A three-part TikTok video shows a woman trying to enter Lush but employees ask her to leave because of her face mask. The “Karen” in her comes out and starts arguing.

At first, the woman shows up to the Lush store without a mask but pulls one out of her purse. The good thing was that she went prepared, but the bad thing was that it was a mesh face mask. Lush employees politely explain to the women why she is being denied access to the store. They offer to get her the things she needs to make her purchase while she waits outside the store.

The woman fires back by telling employees they aren’t following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. One of the employees explains that the store is following the CDC guidelines. The employee added how they are a private owned company and are able make their own rules including requiring a fully covered face mask. 

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♬ original sound – Kelly

“Karen” then claimed that she had a medical exemption but still wasn’t allowed in the store. Employee then asked if she had proof of her medical condition and the women replied: “I don’t need proof.”


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♬ original sound – Kelly


Viewers on social media commented how she wouldn’t be outside if she actually had a medical condition.

“Karen” and the employee were going back and forth arguing not changing a thing about letting her in the store. Another employee jumps in to set the record straight with the woman. 


Part 3 #karen #karens #facemask #lush #karenfacemask #rude #rudeperson #cdcguidelines #covid #covid_19 #karenatlush

♬ original sound – Kelly

“Karen” at lush is not alone. Lana Del Rey was recently criticized for wearing a mesh face mask at a book signing in Los Angeles to greet her fans. 

The CDC requires that you wear a mask with two or more layers and the woman in the video had a mask with one layer. To make it worse, the mask had holes which she could easily contract the virus or spread it to other people if she coughed or sneezed. 

Mesh and lace face masks have become trendy for the anti-mask crowd. Sellers may say that it complies with the CDC guidelines and are not effective in preventing spreading the virus. It’s obvious the mesh face masks don’t fall in the CDC guidelines.

People started criticizing “Karen” all over social media. 

As for the employee, she had everyone’s support. Viewers are amazed on how well the Lush employee handled this situation.

Imagine how frustrating it was for the Lush employee to handle a “Karen.”

Don’t be a “Karen” and wear a face mask!

Video Created By:
Job Kimani